20 Minute Yoga Makeover - Total Body Tone with Weights

Sara Ivanhoe
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

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I hate to say it, since I love Sara, but this is not my favorite workout. I am guessing this will be my least favorite of the 20 Min Makeover set...once I get them all.

Beth gave a great description, so I will basically agree with her. I did feel it in my shoulders and upper arms, but I used 3 lb weights and did it after Burn and Firm Pilates.

I wanted so much to like this and probably will continue to do it, but mainly because of Sara. I think I will use it as an add on to total body workouts.

I don't have that happy, contented, stretched out feeling I usually get with yoga and that is a little disappointing.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Sara. I think she is very down-to-earth and likeable. She is sweet without being over the top. She is one of my favorites!



I was looking forward to trying this video, as I was hoping that the weights would be used to enhance the yoga poses. Instead, this is more of a yoga practice with some toning work thrown in. Instructor Sara Ivanhoe begins the practice with a few brief stretches in a standing position then picks up the weights. She leads you through some standing shoulder work in mountain, tree, and chair poses and ends the segment in eagle pose, which I found a bit awkward with the weights. Next comes a warrior series where you hold your legs in the warrior position while working your arms with bicep curls and flies. Sara also does side angle pose, using the weights in sort of a one-arm row to an overhead lift, which I felt was a nice shoulder opener.

Sara then moves to the floor with triceps/core balance work performed from a hands and knees position. Next comes bridge pose while "bench pressing" the weights; the second set is performed on one leg, which was particularly challenging. A few additional stretches bring the practice to an end right at 20 minutes. Throughout the practice, Sara uses 2-lb. weights; I used 3 lbs., which I felt were too heavy for some of the earlier shoulder moves yet too light for the biceps and triceps work. I don't think that this video would appeal to those who are devoted to a more traditional yoga practice, but if you are hoping to do some light strength work with yoga stretches thrown in, this routine might be right for you.

Instructor Comments:
Sara's personality in this video is similar to her prior Crunch and Dummies videos: she is very down-to-earth, although some may find her language a bit patronizing at times.

Beth C (aka toaster)