Yoga with Ateeka: Divine Yoga Flow

Year Released: 2003

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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Breath One: 3 disc CD set, one sweaty but slow, one restorative and slow, one all pranayama (breathing exercises), and slow. All basic postures, and beginner could do these practices (but if not already fit might struggle with the chaturangas)

Breath Two: Pretty packaging with nice booklet to demo postures. Yogic nag note on each CD admonishing that "Unauthorized Reproduction is illegal.....and poor karma".

Breathe Three: Ateeka is like your older sister's cool and beautiful friend that you really admire and you really want to get to know her but all she keeps talking about is "discovering the kind loving truth of your being and re-connecting with our relationship with existence." I discovered the absolute outer edge of my woo-woo with this practice. And I don't have a sister.

Breath Four: Ateeka gives very good and consistent form pointers for the postures and her pace is very relaxed. The Yin/Enlighten (restorative) practise is very soothing, as is the Pranayama/Breathe practice.

Breath Five: Despite my grumbling, I have to give this two toes up. Just be warned on the woo-woo.

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Kim Reist