Yoga Trance Dance

Shiva Rea
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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This is a 2 CD set. One CD has the practice, the other has just the music without the voiceover instruction. It also comes with an instructional booklet with photographs of the various yoga poses.

Yoga Trance Dance begins with breathing and meditation, moves into a 20 minute or so yoga practice that seems to focus on warming up the torso, and then moves into an NIA or Wave-like segment where you dance free-from with some prompting from Shiva Rea. I was confused on some of the yoga vinyasas and had to look at the booklet for guidance, but I expect that if I did it again, I would be able to follow without the booklet.

It didn't do much for me either yogically or trancely, BUT, I got really inspired and came up with several new dance combinations for our troupe! I've decided to put the booklet and workout CD on the exchange, but I'm keeping the second disc with just the music. (Love the version of Mahadeva on there!)

NOTE: The track listings on the back of my Yoga Trance Dance CD do NOT match up. It drove me crazy when I previewed the discs. Here's how the second disc maps to the first disc:

Track 1 Entheos = Track 1 Meditation/Invocation

Tracks 2-5 Cerulean; Sophia; Chigumbo; and Beja Fleur = Track 2 Prana Flow Yoga

Track 6 Mahadeva = Track "3a" Dancing the Body Electric

Track 7 Bolo Radhe Shyam= Track 4 To the Mountaintop

Track 8 Warrior's Ring= Track 5 Prana Yoga

Track 9 Shaman Sky = Track 6 CHanting

Track 10 Namah Shivayah = Track 7 Shavasana

Track 11 Moon's Eye View = Track 8 Deep Relaxation

Sorry if this is just too nitpicky, but these things get to me!

Renee D