Yoga Quickie

Eoin Finn
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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Eoin's Yoga Quickie is 25-minute short yoga practice that can be downloaded for free from his web site. Unlike in his Tragically Hips download, the sun salutations are not performed as quickly here, and there are plenty of long posture holds.

Here's the pose list:
sun saluations A & B
warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle, revolved prayer twist
seated forward bend
table, boat, butterfly
wide leg seated forward bend

This is definitely a nice short practice--and you can't beat the price! ;) However, I prefer his Winter Session, which is a bit longer (39 minutes) but contains a greater variety of standing postures.

Instructor Comments:
Eoin is Eoin! ;) He uses some spiritual-type language--eg, having you set an intention at the start of the practice--and encourages you to honor your body, seek joy in your practice, etc. He cues well, making it fairly easy to follow along with audio-only (having the posture list helps).

Beth C (aka toaster)


Workout Length: 30 mins
Level: All
Equipment: Mat
Date Released: 2003
Availability: Free audio download from Vancouver

"Yoga Quickie" is a very nice short practice that's great for those days when you don't have time for a full practice. This workout is much gentler than some of Eoin's other workouts. He does modified sun salutations with chataranga on the knees and cobra instead of of upward-facing dog. They are slower and there aren't as many as usual - I think only three or four in total. The rest of the practice is not vinyasa based, which makes it a lot gentler and more relaxing than his usual power workouts.

Poses performed include a basic standing flow (warrior, side angle pose, triangle, and revolved prayer twist), seated forward bend and its counter pose, butterfly, wide leg forward bend, boat pose, and pigeon pose. My favourite part is during pigeon pose when Eoin asks you to inhale white light and exhale black smoke. Wonderful.

Overall another great production from Eoin Finn.

Instructor Comments:




I downloaded this from and burned it onto CD. I gotta say, it's a good one!

As far as power yoga intensity, it's not very. Definitely less intense than Baron's Unlocking Athletic Power. More challenging than Candlelight Yoga (what with all the chatturangas) but maybe not so challenging as Joy of. Or maybe about the same. It went at a relatively easy pace. I didn't get sweaty, but felt pleasantly stretched at the end. It was a delight to do.

It's just under 29 minutes long. He starts with breathing and sun salutations (A & B). Then there's a warrior 1-warrior 2-side angle pose-triangle-prayer twist sequence. After that, you're on the floor for the rest of the practice. Forward bend, table, butterfly, wide legged forward bend (I think I'm getting them out of order now, but you get the idea) boat pose, pigeon, and a final updog, down dog and then corpse pose.

The cueing is *excellent*, (which is good because you have no visual to fall back on.) He cues with both sanskrit and common names for poses. Not too much woo-woo stuff (no glowing toes and no Seussisms,) although you do get encouraged to inhale white light and exhale black smoke. I'm ok with that.

At one point I realized there was music playing in the background and I got a little lost because I recognized it and was trying to place it. When I did it made me grin--Teardrop by Massive Attack, which our troupe has recently been performing to (and receiving great feedback!) I didn't recognize anything else, but it was all pleasant and mostly unobtrusive.

Anyway, an excellent freebie from Eoin Finn, and the final nudge needed to make me beak down and buy his video (which I also love.) I am eagerly awaiting his next audio practice, Tragically Hips.

Instructor Comments:
Eoin Finn is my new favorite power yoga instructor. Less agressive than Bryan, less weirdly metaphorical than Baron, but still funny and down to earth. He actually reminds me of Scott Cole (especailly from Milennium Stretch). Excellent cueing.

Renee D