SHAPE Walk 3 High Energy Hits

Year Released: 1997

- Audio Workout

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The SHAPE audio programs feature music timed to keep you moving at a consistent pace. These programs can be used for outdoor or treadmill walking and jogging and they can be used with other cardio machines. There is no coaching throughout the program only continuous music. In this program, the music gradually increases in BPM through the whole program and only slows down for the cool down. According to the CD cover, this program is for a moderate to fast paced walk at 4.2 to 4.5 MPH. The tracks for SHAPE Walk 3 High Energy Hits are:

1. Get Up Before the Night Is Over - 130 BPM
2. Love Is Alive - 133 BPM
3. Do You Want It Right Now - 136 BPM
4. Mr. Vain - 136 BPM
5. Let the Music Play - 138 BPM
6. Push It - 138 BPM
7. Sweet Dreams - 139 BPM
8. Love Rendezvous - 140 BPM
9. New Attitude - 141 BPM
10. Jackie - 143 BPM
11. Pressure Us - 141 BPM
12. No Frills Love 122 BPM

I like the mix of songs on this program. The songs are not performed by the original artists; however, the vocals and musicianship are very good on this program. The sound is crisp and clear, and I did not notice any volume issues or problems. Also, the music is continuous with no gaps between tracks.

One thing I did not like about this particular program was the lack of a warm-up. This program would have been better if there was an opening track at about 120 BPM. Here, the program starts out at 130 BPM, and I felt that to be a bit too fast right out of the gate.

Instructor Comments:

Tracy aka a_real_twit