Short, Sweet, and Sattvic

Eoin Finn
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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This is a free audio podcast available on iTunes; if you search for Eoin Finn and subscribe to "Blissology with Eoin Finn," you'll get several free audio options, some of which are available on Eoin's web site, some of which, like this one, are not.

Short, Sweet, and Sattvic is an approximately 44-minute practice. Eoin states that the theme for the practice is "getting sattvic," or having a more calm, mellow, chill practice, as opposed to his other available downloads. He begins with two rounds of slow, simple sun salutations, adding a third modified round which includes sort of a standing split. He then goes into a standing pose sequence that begins with chair pose, moves through a vinyasa, and then includes warrior 1, warrior 2, triangle, and side angle pose; the entire series is then repeated on the other side. For twisting postures, Eoin cues revolved prayer twist, moving into pyramid pose and finishing with a slower vinyasa. He concludes the standing postures with a forward bending series which ends with side splits and then hanumanasana performed to each side. Transitioning to the floor, next comes several backbends, including bow, camel, and upright pigeon. The final postures are full seated forward bend and half Lord of the fishes twist. Eoin then cues a brief seated meditation before ending the practice with a nicely sustained (about 6 minutes) savasana.

I actually didn't enjoy this practice as much as Eoin's other recent podcast, Yoga in Bali! Although this practice is supposed to be more calming, I thought that that the inclusion of backbends made it more energizing, and I found it to be a more intense practice overall--not at all what I was expecting. There just seemed to be kind of a mismatch between the title and the practice itself; however, for someone wanting a shorter, more energetic practice, Short, Sweet, and Sattvic might be a very good fit.

Instructor Comments:
Eoin does a nice job with the audio format, using a mix of Saskrit and English names for postures. Overall, he exudes a happy, hippy vibe into his practices, and this one is no exception. :)

Beth C (aka toaster)