So You Want to Start Yoga

Felicity Green
Year Released: 1983

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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There are 2 audio cassettes in this set – giving four 30 minute sessions:

Session 1 – Basics: Tadasana, body stretches, twisting, right angle wall stretch, reclining stretches, pelvic tilting

Session 2 – Lower Back: reclining right angle, leg stretches, reclining twists, pelvic twisting, abdominal strengthener, cat stretches

Session 3 – Standing Poses: Tadasana, triangle, foot exercise, warrior II, right angle stretch

Session 4 – Shoulders: Reclining stretches, standing stretches, sitting stretches, leg and back stretches.

Each session ends with a guided Savasana (corpse pose relaxation)

I own all of Felicity’s tapes, I originally balked at the idea of audio cassettes, but they are not available on CD and she has no plans to transfer her cassettes to CD. If you have the technical know-how, you could transfer them to CD’s yourself. I just purchased an inexpensive cheap boom box to play the cassettes.

This series is designed for someone with no yoga experience. She describes each pose very slowly and carefully, and gives modifications if you feel uncomfortable. She reminds you often, to be aware of how your body feels, and to breath. There are no Sanskrit names used. There is no music, just Felicity’s voice, which has a slight South African accent.

You will need a wall (or a closed door), and enough space on the floor to stretch your arms out and overhead. I enjoy doing them once in awhile, to get a good stretch on a low-energy day, or when I feel I need to go back and review the “basics”. I especially enjoy the lower back and shoulder sessions.

It is $20 for the 2 tapes, available from:

Instructor Comments:
Felicity is a highly respected senior Iyengar teacher, with 30+ years of experience. Many VF yoginis (including myself) have taken workshops with her.

Katie W