Abs of Steel 2000

Tamilee Webb, Donna Richardson, Tracy York
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Abs/Core

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This is an odd video. As the other reviews note, the beginning aerobics section is very basic and simple. There's little to no intensity with the low impact moves (mostly leisurely-paced grapevines and step touches with lots of marching in place), and except for a brief segment with jumping jacks (modified to low impact by Donna), there is no high impact. The aerobics section indicates that this is a tape for beginners. The abs section, however, is for intermediate to advanced exercisers. I suspect that the person who would enjoy the aerobics would find the abs work too challenging and the person who loves the ab work is not ever going to want to do the aerobics. So it's unclear to me just whom this tape is designed for.

Tamilee leads the first few minutes of aerobics, followed by Donna, and then by Tracey. Cueing varies wildly from segment to segment. Tamilee cues so poorly that even Tracey and Donna mess up several times. It doesn't help that the camera is sometimes on their faces during a choreography change so you can't see what they're doing. Throughout Tamilee's segment, Tracey and Donna both grin madly--I like to imagine because they're in pain over how badly she's cueing! Donna really shines during her segment, however. Excellent cueing, good explanations of the moves, lots of enthusiasm and sincerity. Tracey is also good.

The abs work is really superb, however. One of the best ab workouts I've ever done--much better, with one caveat, than Keli Roberts's Abs and More, in my opinion. The one caveat is that there's not enough lower ab work. I had to finish off with another couple of sets of reverse curls for balance. Upper abs and obliques are worked extensively, however. As in the aerobics section, Tamilee leads first; this time, followed by Tracey and then Donna. Tamilee doesn't count during her segment and she forgets one set of obliques--but it's easy enough to pause the tape and finish it up. Tracey and Donna give lots of excellent pointers on form. The tape finishes off with a pleasant stretch.

If you can find this video cheap, it's definitely worth owning for the abs portion.

Instructor Comments:
All three are enthusiastic and energetic. For me, Donna really steals the show: so lively, fun, and professional.



I'm an intermediate/advanced work out person and this was a beginner tape, through and through. I think the description given for this video was very misleading and is just a sales pitch and not aimed at the people that work really hard at exercising, like myself. I'm always looking for a challenge and new videos to keep my interest. I have quite a few CATHE and THE FIRM videos and really enjoy them.

I feel that I threw $14.95 in the street and will not use this video again. The aerobic section didn't even make me sweat. This is what the description said on "Tamilee Webb" web site.


FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ENTIRE ABDOMINAL AREA! This unique program of targeted toning and low-impact aerobics will help strengthen, tone and tighten the mid-section, plus burn fat and slim down all over! Lose weight and inches! The stomach exercises become more challenging as you increase your strength. Firm, strong abs improve your looks and overall well being."

Although it does say it is low impact it does not say it's for beginners only. I feel that anyone who is intermediate/advanced will be wasting their time with this video. I didn't even feel that the Abs section was very good. The original Abs of Steel is alot better.



I really liked this workout. As with all the other reviews on this video, it is one of my most effective ab taps, as well. I have problems with some choreography, so I really liked that the aerobics were basic, but fun. I didn't get bored, like I do with some basic choreography. Each instructor adds on, and then again, so it keeps changing, without being confusing or frustrating. The abs were great. It didn't seem like I was doing ab-work for 20 minutes. I did feel it though. I've seen great results in just a few weeks! I rate this tape an A.

Instructor Comments:
I liked them all. This was the first video that I have tried with Tracy York, and I'd like to get more with her as an instructor. The 2000 series, with Tamilee as the lead are my favorites. They seem a bit more intense than the others.

Lorrie Gigler


As with the other reviews, I agree that the aerobic section is not particularly challenging, but the ab toning section is great. I am not an aerobics instructor, nor do I exercise regularly, but when I do stick with it, the results are great! Of all the videos I own (and the collection continues to grow), this one has the best ab workout. The area I really need to work out is my thighs and butt. Since I had my daughter, I cannot get these body parts back down. I have other videos I would like to comment on.

Instructor Comments:
I don't have a problem with any of the instructors; I like them all.

Apiyo Osanya-Nyyneque


This one is one of my favorite videos. The aerobics segment is low/moderate impact, the abs toning section very effective. Tamilee, Donna and Tracy always offer different variations of each exercise, have excellent cueing (you're never lost with them)and always highlight the importance of good form and technique, as well as point out the muscles that are being worked and how they affect your health and daily routine. After hearing so much about the Firm videos I tried one yesterday (Abs, and Lower Body-can't remember the exact title) and hated it. Terrible cueing was what turned me off the most. I will stick with videos hosted by Tamilee Webb and Donna Richardson from now on.

Instructor Comments:
All 3 instructors are very knowledgeable, fun and honest. Tamilee is my favorite.

Andrea Emerson


This workout starts off with low impact aerobics that is very basic and easy. Anyone can do it. There is some jumps but nothing too high impact. Tamilee teaches the first part of the aerobics. She is very tan in a bright pink two piece. Donna follows with a fun combination and has a little bit of higher impact. She has some great music in her section. She is wearing a bright yellow two piece outfit which is so cheerful to the eye. Tracy's aerobic section has a lot of marching and back and forth marching with grapevines. She is wearing a purple/blue outfit.

The toning section is the toughest of all and that is why I like this workout so much! Tamilee starts you off with some crunches as well as reverse crunches and some obliques. Then Tracy takes over with some tough crunches with arm patterns. It really makes your abs burn. Then when your abs are about to die, Donna finishes off with more ab crunches and oblique twists. If this toning section doesn't have your abs screaming for mercy then you are either Demi Moore( who doesn't need ab work) or you are watching Abs of Steel 2000 eating popcorn!! This is a great ab workout with fun upbeat music to keep you motivated. Go for it!

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee has a little trouble with the cueing of the aerobics but laughs it out. She does a much better job on the toning. She is very tan and her abs are incredibly toned. She talks all about the abdominal muscle as she is toning.

Tracy is her usual bubbly, perky self. She does a wonderful job at keeping you motivated. She is the perfect instructor to workout to when you are down or PMS'ing out! She teases Tamilee during the ab work by making them start doing more reps when Tamilee thinks she is done. Fun!

Donna is queen of energy! She does a great job on keeping you moving. She keeps count during the ab work. If she can't get you off the couch and moving, nothing will!

Mandy Lee


I am just reviewing this video for the ab work - the aerobics are very basic and simple which I never do. The ab workout, in my opinion, is the best ab workout ever. Tamilee, Tracy and Donna each do 7 minute segments done consecutively giving you 21 minutes of an intense workout that has given me defined abs. If I could keep just one ab tape, this would be it (and I do have Abs and More with Keli Roberts, which does nothing for me).

maryann parker