Office Yoga #1 (

Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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Show oldest reviews first offers several lengths of this tutorial, from 5 to 20 minutes. I'm reviewing the 15 minute Office Yoga.

The entire routine was easy to do and it was all performed seated in my office chair. In a nutshell, the poses include breathing and centering, shoulder rolls, neck stretches, seated Sun Salute A (stretching arms up then folding forward so lap is on knees), chest expansion, some twists and tricep stretches. I felt wonderful after doing it.

This is good if you don't want to call *too* much attention to yourself while stretching at work, since you are in the chair the whole time. Although I felt great afterward, I would have appreciated a few standing stretches (after all sitting in the chair all day is our primary nemesis). I hope YogaDownload will expand on their offerings for the office - it is a very nice break.

Instructor Comments:
Clear, calm voice