Kathy Smith's Relaxation System

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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This is a stretching video that comes with a cassette tape as well. It's really an excellent value (I think it's about $12.99 for the package). While the 30-minute video stretch workout is good, I have many I like better. And since I have just too many darn tapes, I won't be keeping this one! :) There's nothing wrong with it -- you do a lot of nice yoga-type stretches -- I just prefer my Charlene Prickett, Karen Voight, and the new Tamilee Webb stretch tapes. One thing I did notice about this, is that her voice-over cueing often does not match what's actually happening on the screen. Fortunately, this is not a tape you really have to watch to do it. The cassette tape is more of a relaxation tape than stretching, although you do do some stretching to get yourself "in the mood."

Annie S.


I was very happy with this under $10 video bargain. I have always liked Kathy Smith (although I find her warm-ups boring) but her yoga tapes are just a bit long for me and I have little natural flexibility, so I always gave up quickly. This tape is compiled form her other tapes and specially chosen to be gentle. The transitions are done very fluidly so it does not feel like a parts tape at all. Overall, I found the instruction clear and the tape pretty enough to look at. My only complaint is that we spend a lot of times in the "all-fours" position which can be hard on the knees, and that I found her instructions on modifying the poses to be sketchy. But at about 30 minutes, it is a good option for me.



Kathy Smith's Relaxation System consists of a video and an audiocassette. The video is about 30 minutes long. It's compiled from New Yoga Basics, New Yoga, and New Yoga Challenge. I don't own any of those videos, so for me it didn't feel like a parts video. The editing and transitions are done very well. After a neck and shoulder warm-up, you do some standing poses: chair pose, forward bends, side stretches and then onto floor stretches: cat pose, bow pose, bridge pose, hamstring stretches, child's pose, seated forward bends. It ends with a nice relaxation in corpse pose. I really enjoyed this video. Modifications are shown for those who are less flexible. A strap would be helpful if you are less flexible, no yoga blocks are needed.

The audio cassette has 2 20 minute guided meditations on it. The first one has more instruction than the second one. I found them to be very relaxing.

Overall, I highly recommend the video to beginners and intermediates in yoga who don't already own Kathy's yoga videos or are looking for something shorter (30 minutes). The audiocassette would be great for anyone looking for an intro to meditation.

Instructor Comments:
Excellent instruction, very flexible, soothing voice.



This tape come with a 30 minute video tape and a 40 minute (two 20 minute workouts) audio. If you want to call the audio's workouts, they are actually more like meditation tapes. I haven't done the audio yet, so I'll just review the video.

This is a compilation of Kathy's yoga videos (Yoga Parts, you could say). I'm an intermediate exerciser, but flexibility is NOT my strong point, which is why I bought this.

The first 6 or 7 minutes is standing doing arm circles, neck stretches and forward bends and side bends. These all have modifications shown for beginners. Kathy always makes a point to remind you that its important that you feel comfortable, not in pain. Then you go down to the floor and do some cat stretches. Kathy carefully explains the exact technique and pelvic tilt you should be using. Then to an extended cat pose (with the leg extended, almost like a slow motion kick back when doing table work). Then some back extensions that were a lot more instructional than most tapes and more interesting as well. I could not do bow pose (grabbing the ankles with the hands at the same time while lying on your stomach) because I wasn't flexible enough, but there were cast members doing a modification on these as well.. I was happy to see modifications, because I'm not always good at guessing what the best modification should be and here Kathy answers my questions before I have to try to think of a way to modify. Then she does some hamstring stretches, twists, pelvic tilts, sitting foward bends (with a strap). Then there is a segment in which Kathy tells you to put your hands under your armpits to feel your breath as you breathe. All I could think of was Mary Katherine Gallager on Saturday Night Live, but it really didn't distract from my workout. Then she takes you though a lying down relaxation body awareness segment.

Over all, I love this video. It's a keeper. I give it a solid "A" for ALL fitness levels. Great for flexibility AND relaxation.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy delivers her usual great cuing, telling you when to breath in and out, using imagery to guide you through the relaxation segment and the stretches/poses.