iStretch, Set 5, 45 minutes

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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I just tried my first iStretch (yoga) mp3 audio workout and really enjoyed it. I got iStretch 5 (45 min). It's level 1/2. The music is new agey electronica for the most part. The workout is a little different in that it starts in savasana/corpse pose and moves from there. Here's a brief breakdown:

savasana/corpse w/ focus on relaxing and breath
knees to chest
reclining twist
rocking forward and back
child's pose
down dog
forward hang
sun salutations a 3x (cues the gentler version of lowering down with knees on ground and going into cobra, rather than full chaturanga and up dog)
padagustasana (don't know the English term--forward bend while yogi gripping the big toes and pulling your chest closer to your legs)
warrior 2
extended side angle
wide forward bend w/ head on floor
wide forward bend w/ no hands
wide forward bend w/ hands interlaced behind
down dog
child's pose
airplane (don't know the right term--lifting arms in front, along with legs behind simulateously)
child's pose
seated forward bend
cobbler's pose
cobbler's pose w/ forward bend
cobbler's pose w/ twist
cobbler's pose w/ forward bend
controlled roll down
reclining twist
knees to chest

I really liked this iStretch and will definitely try more.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor is Heath House. I know that one or two people mentioned not liking his voice, but I had no problems with it--kind of a soft, southern accent. He has a calm, gentle, encouraging demeanor and instructs clearly, giving lots of good form pointers. He stresses to practice at your own level. He instructs in both Sanskrit and English.