iStretch Combination, Set 8

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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iCombo 8 (58 minutes)

Yoga (25:46)

Core (13:59)
▪ Standing side bend
▪ Roll ups
▪ Double knee stretch
▪ Criss cross
▪ Boat pose / Reverse plank
▪ Jackknife
▪ Oblique twist: Lying on back with legs up, bring legs down to side

Leg work (13:26)
▪ Standing inner thigh lift: Leg lift front with leg externally rotated / Extend leg front in parallel position and hold / Warrior 1 / Warrior 2 / Side angle (6:30)
▪ Prone glute lift (arabesque) / Flex and point
▪ Double prone glute isometric lift with knees bent and together

Stretch (5:34)

▪ Good core work with slow and soothing music.
▪ I donít like the leg work at all.

Instructor Comments: