iStretch Combination, Set 2

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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iCombo 2 (60 minutes)

Yoga (35:28)
▪ Standing forward bend
▪ Downward facing dog
▪ Sun salutation A x2
▪ Sun salutation B x2
▪ Warrior 1 / Warrior 2 / Side angle / Warrior 2 / Reverse warrior / Warrior 2 / Vinyasa (repeat twice on each side)
▪ Crescent pose / Crescent pose with prayer twist / Crescent pose / Vinyasa
▪ Crescent pose: straighten and bend the front leg / Vinyasa
▪ Crescent pose with hands (or forearms) on the floor / Crescent pose with hands wrapped around ankle / Side angle pose / Vinyasa
▪ Standing forward bend
▪ Wide angle standing forward bend with hands in prayer position behind the back

Core (10:42)
▪ Standing obliques: move ribs side-to-side / side bend (4 min.)
▪ Swimming (in superman position)
▪ Roll ups with one leg extended (twisting to the side at the top of the movement)
▪ Reverse plank
▪ Criss cross

Floor (5:00)
▪ Inner thigh lift lying on side with leg parallel / with heel rotated toward ceiling and foot flexed

Stretch (8:30)
▪ Reclining butterfly (bound angle pose)
▪ Happy baby
▪ Double pigeon (3 min.)
▪ Relaxation in seated position

▪ The yoga section is fairly dynamic and flows well. The last crescent pose series is challenging as poses are held for a while. I like this one!
▪ The core work emphasizes the obliques.

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