Forrest Yoga 5-Day Intensive Course (CD Set)

Ana Forrest
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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I believe that Jane C. has accurately depticted the feel and flavour of this intensive yoga practise.

My DH and I chose to do these together and were awed and amazed at how deep Ana has taken our yoga practise. These CD's are not easy. Practising Yoga 5 days straight, 2 hours a day is not easy, holding a pose for what seems and eternity is certainly not easy. The benefit of this intensive home course is the awareness you develope of your self, your yoga and, your mindy, body and breath as the 3 integral units that make up an asana practise. We both loved how we felt at the end of practise and look forward to a foray into another 5 day session quite soon.

Instructor Comments:
Ana is just beautiful, encouraging and wise.

Lori M


This is a 5 day series - 2 hours, which means 2 cds a day for 5 days. It comes with 200 page color photographed spiral bound book - really lovely .

the practice is really pretty advanced - probably the most advanced home practice yoga set on the market. Its a must for the serious at-home yogi. Its humbling for me - there's alot I can't do - but at the same time its challenging and kind of exciting. There's so much to work with.

Alot of the intensity comes from Ana's capacity to get you to do it "for real" - from deep inside - and from the length of time spent in the postures. It isn't vinyasa, but its plenty challenging and even her sun salutation series are tough. Actually, its funny - she does ab work, some of which borders on traditional crunches, - there's something about the way she approaches it that makes it especially rewarding, and challenging.

Ana reminds me in some ways of Erich Schiffmann - a teacher who is very good at preparatory sequencing.
Every time you feel like caving she says something (not exactly) like "are you're legs feeling intensely worked - that's great - send them breath energy" - and you keep going. there's also alot of stuff in straddle positions. And of course - alot of handstand/forearmstand prep - good for me. all good.

Her orientation is emotional and she asks you to go in kind of deep. For instance, she doesn't want you to suffer through difficult postures, she wnats you to use your resources, notably the breath, to find a way to "not suffer".

The practice feels FANTASTIC afterwards - I always feel so strong, and so worked through - I sleep so well.

It helps to try to develop a relationship with her - to connect with her - figure she wants whats best for you - which is not for you do die doing the pose - she wants you to figure out how to do the pose without stuggling - or wimping out. when I focus on that I do better. Even in a CD context she demands a relationship.

Ana's website is here:

Here's an interesting interview with Ana - from Yoga Journal

Instructor Comments:
Ana is wonderful. You can't do better.

Jane C