Asana--A Beginner's Journey CD

Amanda McMaine

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Received the CD today. I was too full from a huge Italian dinner, to try and do yoga, so just listened to it, and took a few notes.

The CD is 60 minutes long, with 2 - 30 minute chapters. Amanda's voice is calm and soothing, just as it is in the Illuminating the Core CD. Sometimes there is soft music in the background, and other times, its just Amanda's voice, or the sound of wind or waves.

1. "Energizing practice of breath-initiated movement can be used alone, as half of a complete practice with part 2, or as a warm up for more advance practice"

This is v-e-r-y slow paced. You first lie supine, with knees bent, feet on floor, and just follow the rhythm of your breath. Then you do some very slow pelvic tilts, allowing your breath to initiate the movments. On hands and knees, some gentle cat and dog tilts. Standing in tadasana (mountain pose) for a long time, feeling the rooting of your feet, the inward rising of your body. Then over into a standing forward bend. Then a series (again, in slow motion, nothing close to vinyasa-speed) of lunge, plank (for a very short hold), child's pose, and downward facing dog (this is quite long, and maybe requires a prop if your wrists are weak). Then child's pose again.

2. "A calming routine with a long relaxation which can be used after part 1 or alone to center and rejuvinate you".

Also very slow paced. This is all done lying on the floor. Start supine, knees bent, flat on floor, and follow your breath--the full receiving, the gracious letting go. Then bring knees to chest to release hips and breath here. Slowly move into crocodile twist (my name) the spinal twist with 1 leg straight, and the bent knee crossing over the straight leg; repeating on the other side. Lie quietly, with hands on belly. Then 10 minutes of Savasana (relaxation).

I'm going to love this! If you liked Illuminating the Core, it is similar, but different enough that I'm glad I have both. And the 2 30-minute segments makes it easier to add-on. Rather than *working* your body, you gain a heightened awareness of what your breath is doing, and how to focus on what each part of your body is doing. And while I certainly could do theses sequences without the CD, I don't think I could move that slowly and deliberatly. Amanda slows you down, so its a restorative practice.

Suitable for brand-new to yoga, except as I mentioned, the long down dog, where putting your hands on a stool or chair would be easier for anyone with hand/wrist issues.

No liner notes, except the quotations above, and no pictures, but I really don't think they are necessary. Props needed: sticky mat, stool/chair for hands, and maybe a blanket to cover yourself during relaxation.

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