Advanced Beginning Yoga Series I

Felicity Green

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I had the opportunity to take a weekend workshop with her in May 2004, and since them, have purchased all her tapes, but have only practiced one set, so this review is for Advanced Beginning Yoga Series I – for healthy beginners.
(As I do the others, I will post more reviews.) There are 2 audio cassettes – 4 half-hour sessions in this series:

Tape 1 Side 1 – Hips & Legs: Reclining leg stretch, Trikonasana (extended
triangle), Parsvakonasana (side angle), Upavista Konasana (open angle

Tape 1 Side 2 – Neck & Chest: Downward facing dog, Shoulder stand,
Upward facing dog, Uttanasana – Standing Forward Bend

Tape 2 Side 1 – Knees: Knee exercise, Squats, Quadriceps stretch, “waiting
for the bus”, Reclining hero pose

Tape 2 Side 2 – Shoulders and Arms: Downward facing dog, Swinging dog,
Handstand, Right angle handstand, Cow face pose, Reclining shoulder

Each session ends with Savasana (corpse pose relaxation)

I balked at the idea of audio cassettes, but they are not available on CD. This series is for “healthy beginners”. The instruction is carefully detailed and sequenced, and done at a slow pace, so you can move into each pose slowly and mindfully. If you have not done yoga before, it would help to know beforehand, what the pose looks like (from a book or video), but she will get you there, step-by-step. There is no music, just Felicity’s voice, which has a slight South African accent. Having taken her class, it sounds just having her in the room. If alignment-based Iyengar yoga is what you want to practice, then I would highly recommend these tapes.

The other series are:

So you want to start Yoga – Slow and gentle asanas for older bodies
2 audio cassettes, 4 half-hour sessions

Advanced Beginning Yoga Series II – for the more experienced student
4 audio cassettes, 8 half-hour sessions

The Art of Breathing – an Introductory course to Pranayama
2 CD’s, or 2 audio cassettes

I have purchased from several places:

Instructor Comments:
This is from her website:

“Felicity Green has been studying yoga since 1963 and teaching yoga since I970. Having studied extensively with BKS lyengar in India, she has been one of his Senior Trainers since 1974. Swami Radha in Canada has also contributed to her personal yoga and teaching style. She is trained as an Occupational Therapist. Felicity teaches workshops internationally, offers teacher training and courses in women's’ health, and provides residential study opportunities at her Lopez Island, WA retreat.”

The website has recently been updated, and shows pictures of her garden in her Lopez Island WA home, Hawaii Yoga Retreat, and a Teacher Training Class.

Katie W