Walk Your Way

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Me: once high intermediate/low advanced with a long hiatus. Working through library of dust bunnies & virgins, starting with beginner workouts to avoid any dread factor, hence doing an old beginner one.
Description from video cover.

Description from video covers
(front cover)
The In-Home Walking Program that lets you fit fitness into your busy life.
3 10-minute walks
3 levels of intensity
Find the combination that works for you!

(rear cover)
Welcome to Walk Your Way!
Created especially for Jenny Craig clients, this dynamic video gives you the inside story on walking. Join world-renowned fitness expert Leslie Sansone and her cast of Jenny Craig clients on three indoor walks of approximately 10 minutes each.

THE EASY WALK introduces you to our In-Home Walking Program. Use it as a quick stress-buster or warm-up to a more vigorous workout.

THE BRISK WALK picks up the pace, adding upper body moves to burn more kilojoules for more consistent weight loss.

THE STRENGTH WALK adds light hand weights to boost metabolism and strengthen muscles. More muscle means you burn more kilojoules 24/7!

Following the full 30-minute tape gives you all the benefits of a healthy two-mile walk. If you can't spare the time, customise it by using as many segments as your schedule allows.

Walk Your Way is easy, energising, fun and flexible. Best of all, it supports your Jenny Craig weight-loss or maintenance program. So step up to your TV and start walking!

Breakdown from my log:
(35:16) Total Duration

(29:46) Workout
_____(9:12) Easy Walk
_____(10:15) Brisk Walk
_____(10:19) Strength Walk
(5:30) Stretch

This is designed for absolute beginners who may only cope with JUST the Easy Walk section. Each section starts more slowly, increases the pace in the middle, and slows again for the final couple of minutes. I did all 3 as a single workout.

Easy - walking, side steps, low front kicks, & knee raises.
Brisk - as above, but the pace is faster, and you're encouraged to step a little wider & lower for the side-step, and unweighted arm movements are added.
Strength - holding light hand-weights (2lb at most is recommended), wrist weights, or palm weights. Arm movements are added to the above moves.

Leslie is consistently encouraging, and several times reminds us that exercise is a mood enhancer. It is always refreshing to see people in workouts who aren't fitness models, but carrying weight - people who are genuinely suited to doing this workout. It's REAL, and I like that. :)

Instructor Comments:
Never changes - never stops talking, but this has never bothered me. I'm not a 'fan', rarely do her workouts, but her notorious chatter has also never annoyed me. She looks fine and is always positive without being patronising.



I got this little gem in a VF trade -- thanks, Sonya! I'd never seen it or heard about it. But I've recently seen it, tucked away on Leslie's website. You can find it by clicking on About Leslie Sansone, then on Leslie's Healthy Living Links, then on Jeeny Craig, then on Walking Your Way. It's bargain-priced at $9.99. The workout is in 3 parts of ten minutes each: easy brisk, and with hand weights. Leslie leads a group of Jenny Craig people. The easy walk is a very nice cool-down add-on. The 30 minutes can of course be done as one workout, but each segment has its own warm-up and cool-down, so they separate out very nicely too.

Instructor Comments:
Her usual self, chatty and encouraging.

Cynthia Jewett (Monterey Vidio