Walk, Sculpt and Tone

Debbie Rocker
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Instructor Debbie Rocker leads this walking working which adds light weights for some additional toning benefits. She is joined by 2 background exercisers, one of whom shows lower impact modifications, in a beautiful mountain setting. There are two workouts on this DVD: the main workout (labelled as 60 minutes but actually significantly longer at 68 minutes) and a 30-minute, shortened version of this. Also included is a 57-minute CD designed for walking outdoors.

Debbie begins the main workout with a just under 6-minute warm-up that is mostly marching, although she adds some breathing work and arm movements. This flows into a 4.5-minute basic cardio segment that is more of an extended aerobic warm-up. The following 10-minute cardio segment starts to bring up the intensity a little, adding moves such as cross-country arms. Another 7.5-minute cardio segment follows, this time adding a little impact with shuffles (a light side-to-side jog) as well as some upper body movements. Then Debbie picks up light weights (1-5 lbs.) to lead you into the first toning segment. Here she continues to do a lot of marching, but the aerobic pace slows as you move into basic strength moves such as squats, deadlifts, lat rows, and bicep curls.

Another 10-minute cardio segment follows. This time, there is a little less marching and a bit more varied moves such as breast stroke arms and hamstring curls. The final 7-minute cardio segment was probably the most intense, as Debbie includes more high-impact moves such as jumping jacks plus adds a bit of fun with some front punches. Then there is a final 8-minute weights segment with additional marches, lunges, and triceps work. The workout includes with a 3.5-minute cool-down/stretch. The shorter, 30-minute workout (actually 33.5 minutes) uses the warm-up, the first cardio segment, the first weighted segment, the final cardio segment, and the cool-down.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed in this workout, mainly because I found it hard to keep my heart rate up. For the most part, the cardio segments are not very intense, and my heart rate dropped even further during the toning segments. I also found Debbie's cueing to be really lacking here: not only does she fail to mirror-cue, but also she often cues a new move way ahead of time but fails to cue actually ON the new move. Finally, I didn't find the included CD very motivating, however--it is simply Debbie talking, occasionally encouraging you to pick up the pace as the tempo changes, but that's it. Debbie talks throughout the DVD workout as well, which some may find annoying. If you have liked Debbie's past workouts and/or enjoy combining low-intensity cardio with very light weight work, you might like this workout, but otherwise, I think there are better options available.

Instructor Comments:
I didn't mind Debbie's chatter so much, but as mentioned above, her cueing is quite poor, and this is what I found annoying.

Beth C (aka toaster)


She's done another good workout. The scenery is beautiful in the background with the orange rocks, green trees and brilliant blue skies of Arizona. Gorgeous!!! Debbie is in front of two women background exercisers. The woman to the right doing modifications - same lady as her other workouts. Similar to her Walking for Weight Loss and A.M P.M. Walking in the following ways:
1) cueing (unfortunately still says lead with right but with mirroring, you start left)
2) talks a lot through the whole workout (no irrelevant chatter just all about the workout)
3) says the same coach for life stuff and some new-age comments.

Length: 1 hour and 9 minutes
Solid Intermediate Workout
Music: Mostly instrumental with the exception of one song during the cardio segments that has some vocals. Not the same music as the Hawaii workouts.

Warm-up (6 minutes) - Marching in place with several arm movements to stretch

Cardio Segment 1 (17 minutes) - Pick up the pace with more marching then bring up intensity slightly with cross country arms (reach arms out further and pump). Boxer shuffle. Front taps with bicep curls added. Side taps with arms overhead. Back taps with arms out front. All the above has marching in between. Repeat.

Sculpting Segment 1 (10 minutes)
Pick up weights (1-5 pounds). Slow marching and walking in between some of the following exercises. Stand in place squats then pulse. Deadlifts with pulses. Stand in place back lateral rows. Marching in place with bicep curls.
Balance work - bicep curls with one leg back then lifting up back leg during curls

Cardio Segment 2 (17 minutes)
Pick up the pace with marches and cross country arms. Boxer shuffle and march. Side to side steps then add breast stroke arms. Hamstring curls then add tricep kick backs. Repeat side step section. March again and move into most intense cardio of sustained boxer shuffles with front punches, marching, and modified jumping jacks into regular jumping jacks. Repeat intense section.

Sculpt Section 2 (8 minutes)
Pick up weights. Lateral lunges first to one side then the other. March. Repeat lateral lunges with over head press in between. Curtsey dips then add tricep extensions. Walking. Standing tricep kick backs and pulses.

Cool Down and Stretch (4 minutes)

Summary: If you have tried and liked her other workouts, you will also like this one.

Instructor Comments: