iTread, Set 19, 30 minutes

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs
- Audio Workout

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This workout is actually 35 minutes, not 30. It is a really nice short and effective workout that includes a variety of sprints. Grace tells everyone to walk during the rests which last anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Some of the longer sprints have you running at a fast past in the beginning and then you do a slower jog during the second half before your final walk rest. I like this workout because it has a variety of sprint types and it goes by quickly.

The basic layout:

~ Warm-up jog 4.5 minutes
~ 2 x long sprints (4-5 minutes each)
~ 2 x hill sprints (5%)
~ 2 x super fast sprints (short and longer)
~ 1 very long sprint with a short jogging break in the middle (3 minutes, 90 sec jog, 2 minutes)

The music in here is pretty good. I really like a few of the songs (generally those with vocals) and some were just OK. I do wish that the music compared to Grace's voice was a little louder.

Grace suggests that this type of workout should only be done once or twice a week, and I generally agree with her, because if done correctly it will be pretty intense.

Instructor Comments:

Lisa C