The Walk Diet

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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This is the dvd that was sold in Walmart under the title Muscle Mile One, but is actually the 1 Mile Walk Diet DVD. I have a lot of Leslie DVDs and this one is very easy and beginnerish in comparison. The set looks like a plain room with wooden floors. The background people are not teachers from her studio, but are regular people who I would guess are on her walk diet program.
She does not use any gadgets - no walk away weights, bands, etc. She only uses her 4 basic steps - walking, side steps, knee-ups and kicks (she doesn't even do kickbacks in this one!) She occasionally adds an upper body move with her arms, but not a lot of that either. The pace is not brisk (like in the power series) and is probably comparable to her original WATP 1 mile walk pace (although in that one she uses weights.)
If you want a good intro to Leslie or just want an easy walk for those days when you don't feel up to working out, this fits the bill. It's only about 17 minutes, and I will use it on as a warmup on those early mornings when I'm not quite awake, but want to work out.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is her usual nice, chatty self!



This workout has received a lot of negative reviews, but I didn't mind it at all. I use Leslie's workouts a lot, so I should be a Leslie expert, but I have to admit, in spite of my liking for her programs, they all kind of run together for me. They are so similar, there really isn't anything that makes one, for me, better or worse than any other. I have more than one because I like variety---different clothes, different sets, different banter etc---yet the same do-able, familiar workout. Leslie is like the macaroni and cheese of my collection, safe and predictable and comforting. So with that said, this workout was just fine for me. It wasn't any better than the other ones I have, but I did not find it worse either. Faint praise, I know. But for me, it's all about how many times I will use it, and I think I will get my money's worth out of this one. If you are looking for great innovation and originality, I don't think you'll like ANY of Leslie's stuff, so this particular workout will be for you, as it was (positively) for me, just like her others.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Leslie. She is one of the most-used and consistent instructors in my collection.



I love the walk diet video. It is easy to follow and very motivating. It really gets you moving and makes you stronger. I have been using this video on and off for 2 weeks now and I feel great! Walking indoors in the comfort of my own home is wonderful, especially with our long winters. I highly recommend it for anyone. If I can do it, so can you.

Instructor Comments:
Love you Leslie, you are my inspiration. Your voice is so nice and easy to listen to. You give easy instructions and make one feel at ease to try your walking program and you are a good motivator. I am now inspired to lose weight and get fit and stronger again. Thanks Leslie!!

Kim Evans