Walk And Jog

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Wow!! I was really surprised by my condition after this tape. I was sweating and breathing hard halfway through it. This is an excellent intermediate tape. I love it!! I now have at least two Leslie tapes that I enjoy doing and have added to my workout routines. You alternate walking and running (jogging) sections and it's great. I pray Leslie is making more walk and ____ videos in the near future. This worked me harder than her Walk and Kick video though they both left me worked out. I highly recommend this video for a change of pace from step and floor aerobics. Excellent video!! WTG Leslie. Please keep them coming. :)

Instructor Comments:
I love Leslie's personality. She often makes spiritual references but I have no issues with that. I also like that she is not stick thin but hugh implants. She actually looks like a real woman and believe me that helps in a big way.



I'm a regular exerciser, and I've always viewed Leslie Sansone as being more for beginners. I do have one of her other videos, WATP for Abs, 3 Miles, that I like to use when I want a longer, lower intensity, "no-brainer" workout, but I wasn't sure if Leslie could produce a shorter routine that would still provide the intensity I'd want. After reading so many great reviews of Walk and Jog, I decided to take a chance on it, and I'm so glad that I did!

Walk and Jog is basically an interval workout in which Leslie alternates segments of her traditional walking moves with gentle jogging. The workout begins with about a 6-minute warm-up which quickly got my heart rate into my target zone and kept it there. Leslie then introduces the intervals, first by upping the pace of the walk for 3 minutes, then by transitioning to 2 minutes of jogging. Again, it is a very light, fairly low-impact jog that you can easily tailor to your desired intensity level. During the jogging intervals, Leslie incorportates other moves such as front kicks, corner kicks, and leg swings (a pendulum move). There are a lot of kicks and knee lifts throughout the walking segments as well, which I really liked, as I these provide some extra core work. Also, Leslie increasingly adds arm movements to up the intensity. There are a total of 4 intervals, and then the workout ends with a 4-minute aerobic cool-down, bringing the total time in at just under 32 minutes.

I found the intensity level of this workout to be exactly what I was looking for, as I stayed in my target heart rate zone virtually the entire time, including the warm-up and cool-down. The workout could be easily modified to suit your own personal intensity level--one of Leslie's four background exercisers keeps it low impact the entire time, but you could also add additional arm movements or even light weights if you were looking to up the intensity. Leslie says that the workout is equivalent of 2.5 miles, and the time really does fly by--I couldn't believe it when she said we were halfway through. Finally, not only was this workout effective, but it was fun too! I especially enjoyed the jogging variations, and since I don't like high-impact work, I loved that these segments were kept pretty soft and low (yet still intense!). I think this video would be suitable for a wide range of exercisers, and I highly recommend it.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie tends to be a bit too chatty for my liking, but she comes across as so genuine that it's hard to really fault her for it. She gives plenty of good form pointers here, and she cues well--I like how she visually points and says "this side" rather than cueing left or right.

Beth C (aka toaster)


If you enjoy complicated choreography this is not the workout for you. If you like simple choreography and interval training, this is definitely one to add to your collection. The workout is a very gentle introduction to jogging done in 3 minute walking - 2 minute jogging intervals. I bought this for those days when I just wasn't in the mood to workout super hard, but my other WATP videos were to easy. The set is designed to look like your in a courtyard outside. It isn't so busy it's annoying, but not barren of anything else. There are 4 other women of varying ages with Leslie. One of the women will modify the entire workout for those who find jogging to intense or if your not in condition enough to jog. The modifier does everything low impact so if you can't complete the entire 2.5 miles as Leslie does you can easily see how to modify to the low impact mode. Leslie encourages you to simply do what you can and add in the jogging intervals as you get more and more fit. I consider myself intermediate and had no problem completing the workout the first time I did it. I still worked up a decent sweat. If you want to use hand weights a light 1 or 2 LB set could be added, but be careful because when the 2 minute jogging intervals come, the pace does get brisk. Leslie does her usual toe taps, knees up, leg kicks, wide walking and other moves (nothing complicated) and in this one adds a quick lunge which is introduced in steps. As the pace quickens to the jogging you will walk forward and back, jog forward and back, do small kicks at the jogging pace and a pendulum move to add variety to the jogging too. Over all Leslie is encouraging and if you find her annoying in other videos, you will not like her in this one either. I like her a lot and find her to be concerned about health not physical attributes. It was nice to see her sweating just like everyone else. I find it annoying to see instructors who supposively workout hard for an hour or more and never sweat and always look pristine. I enjoy Leslie encouraging her legs to "keep going". I have to self talk like that some days too. The amazing thing about Leslie's workouts - MY HUSBAND IS DOING THEM REGULARLY!!!! He hates working out at home and he LOVES these workouts. We do them together and that is amazing to me. Now if she would do an even harder one with longer jogging intervals I'd be even happier! Good job Leslie! Keep it coming.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is Leslie.

Lisa Rudd


This is an interval style cardio workout for the beginner/intermediate level. Collage ranks this as intermediate. The workout is 32 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up and a 2 minute cool down. Leslie states that if you keep pace with the music, that you walk/jog 2.5 miles in 30 minutes (12 mph).

After the warm up you begin with 3 minutes of walking, followed by 2 minute jog intervals. The choreography is simple. Leslie’s traditional walk moves are in this workout - side steps, knee-ups, front kicks, tap outs, and side lunges. She incorporates some arm movements for added intensity. During the jog intervals, you jog forwards and backwards and in place. She also does a kick (sort of like a skip). She gives constant reminders for posture.

Leslie is joined by 4 other participants. Mary Kay, keeps her workout low impact. The set is nice and well-lit. The fact that it was uncluttered was very important to me. Leslie’s music choice was better in this workout than most of her other workouts (even some vocals!).

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. I am an intermediate exerciser. I find that I can kick the intensity up in this workout by exaggerating the movements. The only disappointment is the lack of a stretch at the end of the workout. Leslie comments about how fast the 30 minutes went by, and I have to agree.

Instructor Comments:
Very friendly, chatty instructor. She seemed less chatty in this one though - maybe due to the jogging intervals.



I owned this workout ages ago on VHS and never seemed to care for it much. But it just came out on dvd as part of Leslie's "power seies" so I gave it another try, and found it suits me much more than I remember!

As already stated by a past reviewer, this workout alternates two-minute intervals of Leslie’s usual walk moves and the new jogging interval moves. One thing I really liked was the way Leslie made a conscious effort to speed up the walking just before the jogs started, so as to gradually transition you.

I kept my heart rate solidly in the zone here and am quite happy with this routine. I am at the point with fitness where I don’t mind a little bit of controlled and brief impact now and then. I really enjoyed this routine and think I will find it very versatile and useful.



On cardio work, I am an intermediate exerciser who enjoys with intermediate to advanced choreography. I also enjoy my “easier” workouts on those mornings I don’t feel like thinking that much. This workout falls into the latter category.

Basically, there are four rounds, or intervals, of Leslie leading a walking segment, then a jogging segment. In each round, she does three minutes of walking, transitions to jogging by walking at a faster pace, and then moves into the jogging for two minutes. A couple of the transitions out of the jogging intervals were a little bit confusing, not bad, but she just seemed to cue to stop jogging earlier than she meant to. The workout lasts about 30 minutes.

She calls walking “low impact” and jogging “high impact”. However, while doing it, I was chuckling because her “high impact” was what is considered “low impact” in the Firm workouts where they lift their knees and add a LOT of impact in the jogging moves. In the Firm workouts, I always keep my feet near the floor and don’t do a lot of their impact. That is Leslie’s “high impact”.

The workout is set in what looks like a courtyard and there are four background exercisers. Leslie is her normal, chatty self. I used the entire front to back space in my workout area. In one of the jogging intervals, she had you moving front to back in a larger space than is her norm. However, throughout the workout, she stresses that you need to do what works for you, whether it’s due to your body’s limitations or your space limitations.

The music is typical techno instrumental music. She just uses the music as a tool to keep people on the beat.

This is the most intense workout by Leslie that I have tried. I’d rank it as intermediate, although beginners could do it and work up to all the moves. I’ll keep it as a nice, short, less intense alternative on days I want a good workout, but don’t want full intensity.

Instructor Comments:
She is her normal, perky self in this workout, but laughed a bit less than in some of them. She gave more form pointers than usual.

Laura S.


This is one of Leslie's finest, and it fills a previously empty niche: an actual interval workout for beginners! The set is a nice homey-looking one, not a studioish-looking one. Leslie is joined by four other exercisers, one of whom always stays low-impact, and they're all dressed like normal people, probably somewhat like you and I are dressed when we're working out at home. The music is quite good, I was pleasantly surprised. It is also louder than it is in some of Leslie's other videos, loud enough to add significant enjoyment to the workout.

This workout is built around Leslie's typical steps (walk, front kicks, knee-ups, side steps) so the choreography is VERY SIMPLE. When it is time to jog, the music speeds up and you take the impact up. The intervals are pretty fun, jogging forward and backward, kicking with hops, etc. The jogging intervals are two to three minutes long, and the walking intervals between them are also two to three miutes long. If that is too long for you to jog, you can always take it back down to low impact with the one exerciser who stays low-impact. Even if you stay low-impact, the pace during the intervals is fast and my guess is that you could still keep your heart rate up significantly. Depends, of course, on how much of a beginner you are. This would be a great tape to get if you are a beginner wanting to take it up a notch to intermediate status, or an intermediate wanting to stay in condition.

Instructor Comments:
Vintage Leslie here: enthusiastic, chatty, encouraging; just remember she does tend to talk to you like you're a kindergartener and she's a friendly and enthusiastic kindergarten teacher!

susan p


If you like Leslie Sansone's walking tapes, but wished she had one where she kicked it up a notch, then this is the video for you. This is an interval-style workout consisting of Leslie's usual walk steps and kicks and lunges done at a very brisk pace, with 4 two-minute jogging intervals sprinkled
throughout. To keep you from getting bored during the jogging intervals, Leslie has you do a fun skip move and a side leg lift move also. She is joined in the tape by 4 of her walk-leaders. One of them doesn't jog, but stays low-impact throughout the workout. I am an intermediate-advanced exerciser and this tape got my heart rate up without any complex moves (I am also choreographically challenged!) The tape is 30 minutes long, and is the equivalent of walking/jogging 2 1/2 miles. Now if only Leslie would make a tape like this that runs 45 minutes to an hour, I would really be happy!

Instructor Comments:
As always, Leslie is very encouraging in this video.



I'm an advanced exerciser and I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this workout. Time flew! It's perfect for for light, time-crunched workout days. Although it's intended for upper beginner-lower intermediates, I found it easy to increase the intensity by using larger movements and adding more running. This workout worked well on my rebounder, too.

I think choreographically challenged exercisers of all levels would like this. Intermediate-to-advanced exercisers could use this as an easy 30-minute "light" add-on to more intense 30-minute Firm/Crunch workouts.

Leslie Sansone seems more subdued in "Walk and Jog" compared to "4 Mile Super Challenge," though she is still quite chatty. The set is average but fine. The music isn't that noticeable. The workout is fun and basic. It only cost $11 on Amazon.

I would have never considered purchasing a Leslie Sansone DVD before (I considered her to be for beginners), so I'm glad I read good feedback on it on the Videofitness reader forum. It proved to be a good investment because I'm sure I'll use it often.



This one is a goodie. It’s 30 minutes of variety! I almost didn’t get it since I figured with the jogging part it would be more intense than I was wanting but the jogging is so gentle but at the same time a bit more intense but not out-of-breath intense. I can’t do big jogging in place since something in my neck hurts when I do it but Leslie shows such a nice gentle jog I just followed that and had no problems at all. The workout goes by pretty quickly with the 3 minutes of walk and 2 of jog. There are some more moves that the usual 4, eg. Leg swings, touch outs so that was nice for some more variety.
The production quality of this one and walk and kick is great - sound is great, voice and music volumes are good and editing is good. The set is darker than the WATP regulars but not too dark so I don’t mind it. A good addition to my growing collection of Leslie workouts!

Instructor Comments:
Leslie's style works for me! She's always chipper and encouraging.