Walk Away the Pounds Express: 3 Mile Advanced Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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I am a recent Leslie Sansone convert. I have spent years doing intense cardio that I really didn't enjoy but I felt that if I wasn't panting and sweating I was wasting my time. Thus, I could never get myself to do more than a 30 minute cardio workout. Well, I'm so glad I gave Leslie a try. I had seen clips of her workouts and thought they must be only for the incredibly overweight or out of shape. I stand corrected!
I decided to switch my workouts to lower intensity, keeping my heart rate at what it would be on a brisk walk and Leslie is perfect for this.
WATP express 3 mile walk is great. It's 45 minutes and I can get through the workout without the dread factor. I enjoy it! The music is great. The first song is the one where the guys chant 'power walk' but it's only for 5 minutes and I don't even mind it. I enjoy the chatter. I used to work out with Charlene Pricket a lot and enjoyed her chatter too. I don't like to get too 'serious' in my workouts and don't enjoy complex choreography that required in-depth instruction and discussion. Oh I'd better say, if you like dance workouts and 'routines' you may not like Leslie's style. It is very simple, uncomplicated - I love it! I can get interrupted 10 times by my kids during the workout and don't have to struggle to figure out what the heck step we're on.
The first 30 minutes are spent doing the walking aerobics with the different leg moves/arm moves and increasing pace etc. During the third mile you get your stretchie. I don't have one so I use my exertube with the handles and it works just great. I really like that the stretchie part is in the end since it opens a new dimension to the workout and just when you may be feeling like you've had enough you get a burst of energy from it and then it's over and time to cool down! I don't rely on Leslie workouts to work my arms to capacity so I'm not worried about the length or lack-thereof of the stretchie work - I felt it and that's great.
Overall, I am very pleased with this workout and can see enjoying it well into the future.

Instructor Comments:
I love Leslie. She's approachable, friendly and 'real'.