Walk Away the Pounds: The 30 Minute Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Leslie leads a class of six women, all instructors from her studio. Mary Kay, Carol, Beth, Nancy, Mona, Lucia, and Leslie all wear black and pink, with two of the women wearing black "walk aerobics" t-shirts.

The set is blue with white columns and a grid pattern on the floor.

This video covers two miles in thirty minutes. The music is upbeat and it picks up right after the short warm up. Leslie stresses that a thirty-minute brisk walk is the exercise most recommended by doctors for a healthy heart.

She uses her familiar steps - marching, kicks, side steps, and knee lifts. There is a segment near the end (Nancy's challenge) that uses quite a few knee lifts.

The workout ends with a short series of stretches concentrating on the lower body and back.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is in her element here. She's having a great time with her instructors.



This is one of Leslie's routines from the era of "Walk Awaythe Pounds" and has just been released on dvd. Leslie works out with a small class on a bright, open set. There is nothing unusual here---if you have seen one Leslie, you have pretty much seen them all. This is like video comfort food for me: I know exactly what I am going to get, and I get it. This one does not have any gimmicks or frills. It is just another Leslie option to choose on my Leslie days.

If you are new to Leslie, I suggest youw atch some clips on Collage Video's website. This will give you an idea as to whether Leslie's style works for you. If it does, there are plenty of workouts to choose from!

Instructor Comments:
I like Leslie and get a lot of use out of her workouts. I find they are easy enough on days I am tired, but can be modified "up" on days I want a greater challenge.