Walk Away the Pounds 3 Mile Super Fat Burning

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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I was hesitant about purchasing this video, fearing it would be way to easy for most days as I am an intermediate/advanced exerciser. I was pleasantly surprised how much this video got my heart rate up. Don't be fooled- this video is fast-paced power walking. I love how it is easy to do so you don't get confused over dancy moves.

The main moves are: walking, knee lifts, ham string curls, side step, kicks, and thats it!

The other thing that is nice is after 2 miles you use 2 lbs weights for some light upper body toning which makes the walk burn more calories.

I recommend this to all exercisers as it is a good length, 45 minutes, and is easily adaptable for any exerciser.


Instructor Comments:
A lot of people complain about how much she talks, but I find her motivating. She helps pass the time by talking to the other people walking, and encouraging you to keep going. She gives great pointers on form as well. I'd give her an A.



this is definitly NOT for advance workout people. I think it would be a very good video to start you on the right track with getting into working out. It might be a good warm up if you plan on going on a long walk outside. However, my heart rate barelly got up, and i didnt sweet at all!

Instructor Comments:
This was my first video of Leslie's. I heard she was very bubbly and she was. However, it was enoying or anything. You could probably just turn down the volume and put on some upbeat music if she starts talking too much!

Katie F


This video is set to the same beats per minute as the two mile high calorie burn so at first I was puzzled as to why it seemed so much more challenging. After a few more run thru's, I realized it's because it has less walking (or marching) and more, longer periods of knee lifts, kicks and kick backs. So, first I mastered the two mile and then I moved on to this video. I still don't always use the weights, just my personal preference. I am obese so this video easily gets and keeps me in my THR without making me gasp for breath and I am able to finish the entire tape, keep up the whole time and feel really good at the end. For someone in really great shape, I wonder if the intensity is sufficient, but I think this is an excellent video for the beginner/intermediate exerciser. As usual, the steps are basic and fun and only one cueing error throughout.

Instructor Comments:
As always Leslie is bubbly and relaxed and is consistent with her encouragement to both keep up and yet modify to meet your personal needs at the same time.

Danelle Kitching


I am a recent Leslie Sansone convert. I have spent years doing intense cardio that I really didnít enjoy (sometimes hated!) but I felt that if I wasnít panting and sweating I was wasting my time. Thus, I could never get myself to do more than a 30 minute cardio workout. Well, Iím so glad I gave Leslie a try. I had seen clips of her workouts and thought they must be only for the incredibly overweight or out of shape. I stand corrected!
I decided to switch my workouts to lower intensity, keeping my heart rate at what it would be on a brisk walk and Leslie is perfect for this. I need to add that I never really saw any results from the 30 minutes of intense cardio I used to do so even if I donít see results from the longer lower intensity, itís worth it to me to just be able to ENJOY it!

Now on to the workout. Itís great! Great music, great production quality, bright set and a cheerful mood but not over the top and no whooping. Also, normal people so no fake boobs, low riding pants or supermodels. The workout progresses in intensity, with the music pace increasing and using the weights at the 30 minute mark. I have a low resting heart rate but am able to get my HR into a good brisk walk zone and get warm, break a sweat, but without killing myself or hating it. I make it to the end and am energized instead of wiped out.
Also, even though the steps are simple I donít get bored at all. I am not a choreography or Ďroutineí lover. I absolutely hate Ďtaking it from the topí so am limited to the type of workouts I will like - I have tried MANY and havenít found many I like. So this is a perfect workout for me. I have 3 young kids and having a simple workout to follow is important to me. Example, this morning they had all sets of weights, steps and pillows lined up at the back of the room but because I wasnít having to move all over the place, no one got stepped on and I wasnít having to constantly move things.

If you are a high intensity lover Leslieís workouts probably arenít for you but if you want a lower intensity but steady burn workout that will leave you feeling great you canít go wrong with these Walk away the pounds workouts.

Instructor Comments:
I love Leslie. She's genuine, cheerful, encouraging. She makes the occasional cueing mistake but laughs about it and I have seen way worse in other workouts.