Walk Away the Pounds 2 Mile High Calorie Burn

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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I'm approx. 65lbs. overweight and a beginner. I found this tape to be the perfect level for me, however I had problems with using weights. I only have 3lb. weights at home from a few years ago when I did work out and it was a little too tough for me with those. During the weights part(which starts sometime between the 1 and 1.5 marker and lasts about .25 of a mile) there is a girl to Leslie's left (our right) who does a modified version and the girl to the left does the workout without weights. I am currently doing it without but I still get a really good workout. The tape is 30 min. long, has very simple moves, has background exercisers of various body shapes, a wonderful instructor, and for me is the perfect intensity. You can always up the intensity by adding heavier weights and/or ankle weights. I really love this tape. I don't have the complete set (only this one) but will definetly be keeping my eyes open for more of her tapes.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is very lively and is always talking. I enjoyed her personality a lot. She also includes the 8 people following along to her. Many times they chip in to say something about the workout.



First off, let me admit that I rarely take this one off the shelf, but am in desperate need of light cardio right now as I slowly work to attain cardio endurance now that I am restarting.

The Walk Away the Pounds system is based on 4 basic steps that are eassy to pick up and even easier to follow. They are a basic march, a side-step, a low kick and a kick back (hamstring curl). There is a short warm up, followed by a brisk walk...then Leslie incorporates the Walk Away weights, which are soft 2 lb balls and adds a bit of basic upper body weight work to it. Low weight, high reps...You feel it.

The entire workout is about a half hour long. The class is fairly large and has people of all different backgrounds and body types in it. the colour pink dominates this one, which kind of irritates me, but i'm sure that many others will like it. the set is very nice - studio-ish, with wood floors and pink and wood walls.

When I am at the middle of my game, these tapes are far too easy for me, but for a beginner or someone whose been away from the game for a while (like me), this was perfect. I felt like I got moving and I am glad I did. It may be a while before I am back where I should be, but I am happy to know that I have this one on my shelf for times like these.

Also, as an aside note, my grandmother was just told that 300lbs on her 5 foot 4 frame is too much (something my mom and I had been telling her for years) and that she has to lose some weight, so I bought her the set and she has been using it a bit and really enjoys it.

Instructor Comments:
She's likeable. Kinda like the lady you babysat for when you were a teen or your mom's best friend. (Keep in mind - I'm 27 so I am quoting Mom's best friend as it relates to me. Someone in their 40's or 50's may see Leslie as being the kind of person who might be their own best friend....)



This is THE video for the beginner or obese person who just wants to get moving and feel good about their accomplishments! The steps are easy to follow and fun, while still challenging. And it is totally acceptable to modify your movements, just keep your feet going, small or big steps, and add more arms/weights etc as your feel like. Really, this is just a terrific video and I would recommend it for anyone who fits the category of beginner. I am 5'3" and weigh around 240 lbs. I also have a defect in one of my ankles, so exercise has always been a challenge for me. This is the best video I've done yet, and I've tried and failed to keep up with so many of them! Please, I encourage you to try this video and really start feeling the changes moving daily can make!

Instructor Comments:
I have to agree w/ all the other reviews that say Leslie is very relaxed and easy going. She emphasizes the health benefits of moving your body and she and her class participants are all wearing practical clothing to exercise in, so to show off body parts. In this video her cueing is excellent.

Danelle Kitching