Walk Aerobics: The 'Too Busy to Workout' Workout

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 1989

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Class - Leslie with two men and four women. Set - looks like a boxing ring with squares on the carpet and stripes on the walls. There is a giant "Walk Aerobics" sign in the back. The music is peppy instrumental with some vocals.

The first 18 minutes are aerobics. It starts with low impact and then switches to a mile of jogging. Yep, a mile of jogging alternating with twists, leg swings, and knee raises. This is the closest thing to an "aerobics" video I've ever seen Leslie do. There is a very brief cooldown and then she goes into the toning section.

The toning section is 12 minutes of standing weight work. Military presses, lateral raises, bicep curls, side bends, tricep kickbacks, lunges, oblique twists.

I like Leslie and own most of her workouts. This is a solid workout but not one of my favorites.

Instructor Comments:
Filmed in 1989 - Leslie has big, permed hair and dark eyeliner. She is wearing a black leotard and black leggings. She seems a little uneasy in this video, not quite comfortable.