Walk Aerobics: 2 Mile Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Leslie and six other women are working out in a large airy room with an ocean scene in the background. The ladies are Leslie's "weight loss success stories" and some of them are also instructors, including Donna and Lucia.

This video covers two miles in 25 minutes, with the meter popping up every quarter mile. I found this very inspiring - I like to see every bit of progress I'm making throughout the course of a workout.

Leslie uses her basic steps but also adds some new ones. Grapevines, side steps up and back, kickbacks with her hand touching her toe in the back combined with knee lifts touching her toe in the front. This workout really moves and has lots of variety.

After the two mile mark she does some squats with abduction, a little more walking to cool down, and then some stretches.

I highly recommend this video to anyone who likes Leslie but would like more variety in the steps.

Instructor Comments:
This workout was filmed seven weeks after the birth of Leslie's third child. She looks great!



I am an intermediate exerciser and I JUST got my very first Leslie DVD, 2 Mile Walk. I did it this morning. I am HOOKED!!

This workout is perfect for a morning when I want to get in a little cardio, stay in my aerobic zone the whole time (150, my max is 174), not sweat and don't even need a bra. It was 20 minutes long, which was perfect since I only had 20 minutes. I love this workout!! I think I will be doing this one a lot. Many of my other cardio workouts I will blow off because I dont want to have to take time to shower, or I just woke up and don't have the oomph. All the footwork is basic so I can be half asleep and do it. I added 2 pound hand weights for some of the segments and got a decent arm workout as well.

The DVD allows you to do the first mile, the second mile or the whole thing. There is a bar at the bottom that tells you when you are at each half mile, and how fast you would be going if you were actually walking (and its always over 4mph). I can't say enough about this workout!!

Instructor Comments:
Leslie talks non-stop but she is so sweet it didnt bother me. She is very encouraging.

Peggy T


This is my first Leslie video. I bought it as a part of 'Walk Deluxe Edition' DVD. I must say I am impressed with this workout. This is a low-impact, walking exercise video which has a variety of steps like grapevine, side steps, knee lifts, back kicks, etc. chereography is not difficult so anyone can do it for the first time. The pace is good and the music is great. I felt the time passed quickly. Leslie combines leg moves with some arm movements, which I think gives a good workout. If you are looking for a low-impact walking workout, I would recommend this one. The DVD is chaptered.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie gives very clear instructions and stays with the beat of music(which makes the workout enjoyable). I didn't find her chatty at all in this video.



This is the best 2 mile walk of hers I've tried. The set is open, airy, with a huge painting of a water scene behind her to add depth. The background exercisers are very motivating, charming, and look happy to be there. A number of them have lost pounds walking with Leslie's program. There is some traveling, lots of arm movements--very fun! A.

Instructor Comments:
Chatty, happy, and friendly.



I am a high intermediate/low advanced exerciser. I purchased this video because I recently had to switch from afternoon workouts to morning, with an emphasis on adding more strength workouts to the equation. I wanted a quick, effective, brain-less workout that I could do on mornings where I hit the snooze one too many times and didn't have time for my usual hour long step-fest.

I was worried this tape would be too simple for me and not challenging, but I was wrong. I found it very simple cheorography wise, but I was able to really get my HR up by adding power to some of her movements and using arm movements where she did not. I stayed in my target zone for most of the workout. This workout is a definite keeper for those days I either don't feel like working out and have to force myself to do something, get up late, or when I'm recovering form illness or injury.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is friendly and chatty, although I did not find it distracting or annoying.

April Minor


This is the only Leslie video I keep. The rest she talks way too much and often. This one she spends most of her time giving cues.

The beat is faster and some of the music is even good. The exercisers are motivating. Only a couple that are on the heavy side, but look great. The rest are thin.

The routine is easy to follow and faster paced than any other Leslie tape I've found. She adds upper body movements to increase the intensity, while many of her videos she neglects this factor.

Instructor Comments:
A bit less laughing and talkative in this tape, and pushes you harder than others, too.



2 Mile Walk is a good, basic beginner video. Those who are very unfit, may wish to start with a shorter distance (and gradually work up to the 2 Miles) by watching the meter on the bottom of the screen and than fast forwarding to the cooldown.

The steps are fairly basic (marches, side steps, grapevines, kickbacks) although a bit more complex than her earlier videos (like 40 Plus Workout which has very, very simple choreography). However, she does get you up to 4 mph walk which will raise beginner heartrates.

The women she exercises with have mostly lost weight (one lady over 100 lbs) and that is also inspiring for overweight exercisers.
The set isn't great, but better than her earlier videos.

A good beginner level workout.

Leslie is likeable and quite approachable looking. She has a silly laugh that might bother some, but I think it's cute. She looks good for someone who had a baby 7 weeks before filming.

Anne MacL


Very good workout. I'm just beginning an exercise routine and can only do about 30-40 minutes on the weekday mornings, so this video is perfect! I always feel like I've accomplished something after I've worked out with this video.

Instructor Comments:
She was great. I found her to be upbeat without being too perky (a must for when I exercise at 5:15 in the morning!) The one thing she said that got me hooked on this video was, "...you're not here to learn to dance, you're here to exercise to the pace of the music." I really liked that, having two left feet.



Two Mile Walk gives your "recommended daily dose" (to borrow Denise Austin's phrase) of cardiovascular exercise. The aerobics last 20 minutes. The video has a 5-minute warmup and 5-minute cooldown, making the entire video 30 minutes. I can't think of any excuse not to fit that amount of exercise time into anyone's schedule. The video isn't a slow 30-minute 2-mile walk. During the aerobic section you're exercising at a 5 mph pace, which gets my intermediate-level heart rate up. Beginners could follow this workout easily, too, by doing less arm movement if they get tired or stopping after the 1-mile mark (Leslie suggests this for beginners during the video). The moves are basic, and even when Leslie misses a cue, it's easy to catch up and follow along. I also have Leslie's Weight Loss Walk and 3-Mile Walk, and I like this one because 30 minutes is convenient, the choreography is good, and I like the music. The music is varied and includes one tune I remember from the "Blues Brothers" movie, but I can't remember the name of the song. The music provides a good beat, but isn't overpowering. Leslie's exercise partners are normal-looking people who have lost weight -- not "professional aerobics models." In the introduction Leslie brags about each one and the pounds they have lost. There are two things I don't like about the video: the cooldown doesn't include a hamstring stretch, and midway through the video Leslie says it's a good time for a pulse-rate check, but she doesn't provide a clock). Nevertheless, this video gets an A+ from me.

Instructor Comments:
Forget glamorous, leggy, "cut," and intimidating. Leslie Sansone is like your neighbor who invites all her walking buddies to her rec room to work out when it's raining. She's in good shape, but not Ms. Universe. She's friendly, fun, has a genuine smile, and laughs a lot. She makes working out fly by. She makes you feel at home, which is nice, since you are at home in front of your TV.

Lilly Anderson


I bought this tape to help me through a period of knee rest. My knees have been achy due to too much high impact with too little rest in between workouts. You play, you pay!

I am VERY pleased I bought this tape. It's easy on the knees, but still lets me maintain a workout schedule. The workout is about 30 minutes total -- easy to fit into anyone's schedule!

The two mile count begins with the warm-up and ends before the cool-down (so the cool-down is "extra mileage"). This floor routine is very basic and easy to learn. I did work up a sweat, but never felt that I was working too hard or as hard as I could. This is an EXCELLENT beginners tape and I can also heartily recommend it to anyone who, like me, has to go easy for a few weeks. It might also be great for someone coming back to working out after injury (ask you doctor!) or illness.

The set is okay, pretty typical of lots of videos. It's similar to Rachel McLish's set, lots of green textured, marbley stuff. There's also a nice painted landscape in the background. Okay, I think it's goofy.

The exercise class is made up of real people, all of whom have lost weight through exercise and diet--one person lost 100 pounds! They all exercise at different levels of intensity. The blond woman who lost 30 pounds of post baby fat exercises full out, while others are more reserved in their efforts.

The music is not much to comment about. It's there to keep a beat, but doesn't stand out in any way.

The cool-down is okay, but the stretch is, as I find in almost all tapes, too brief. I pop in Pure and Simple Stretch afterwards for a full hour long workout.

I liked this tape very much. I consider myself advanced (do Cathe's tapes with gusto) but will continue to keep Two Mile Walk in my rotation. I don't have the greatest knees and will have to incorporate easy days into my schedule.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is very perky and friendly. She giggles and laughs a lot. Some people might be bothered by this, but I was not. I found her enthusiasm very supportive. The workout is a solid routine that delivers what it promises, a brisk two mile walk. Give me what I pay for and I can handle chatter, giggles, even the bumps and grinds of a Firm tape! :-)



I read Kathy's review above mine and I agree with everything she says. I have switched to ALL low impact aerobic tapes of at least 30 minutes in duration and for me, this burns the fat. I want to be kinder to my knees and ankles but I also want to keep burning the fat at a low steady pace. I use a heart rate monitor and this "2 Mile Walk" keeps my heart rate around 135 (you can up the intensity if you like).

There is nothing complicated about the work but in 30 minutes (yesterday) I was dripping sweat (sorry, hope this didn't gross anyone out). She also throws in some sneaky standing lower abdominal work. You can add hops and little jumps here and there - but it's your pace choice.

I also have her "3 Mile Walk" and bought the "One Mile Walk" for my Mom for Christmas. I recommend this tape for anyone! Use it for a change of pace in your collection.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is a "no pressure"- do what you can -kind of instructor. She is easy going and her instructions and cueing are exceptionally easy. I like her style - she is a breath of fresh air. She has this funny little giggle that make me laugh along with her every single time!



I think this is Leslie's best workout. Something about it just feels more professional and more thought out than the others I have by her. The set is very attractive, her workout gang seems more interesting and lively, and more interested in the workout itself. The workout also feels more intense than her others, and there is more variety in the steps. The music is better, and she uses more varied arm motions and actually sequences the steps into basic, easy to follow combos. The music seems to flow better, so there's no down-time between songs. If you've been turned off by leslie's walk aerobics because they didn't seem to flow, with choppy transitions, and no combos, but you still want a low impact, very motivating video, this is a good one to pick. Leslie's cueing seems better here too. (Could use a better stretch at the end though.) A good choice for beginners or intermediates who want low impact. Motivating, and fun.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is extremely encouraging and motivating. She is very friendly and down to earth. Chatty and bubbly.