Power Walk - 3 Miles

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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This older workout is available on dvd as part of the Power Walking System. The picture quality is not perfect, and the dvd is a bit glitchy. There were a few one-second pauses which I knew about already, and the disk itself stopped completely about a minute before the end of the cool-down. Iím not sure if that is just my copy; I usually skip the cool-down anyway, so itís not fatal to me.

The workout itself is very good. It features all the usual Leslie moves---marches, kicks, etc. But it also has some variety, such as double knee lifts and side touches. The arms are in motion almost continuously. Leslie and all of her background exercisers wear weighted gloves, and do curls, kickbacks, shoulder presses and all manner of upper body work. I love that the biceps get good coverage. Leslie usually favours shoulder work.

The class changes outfits every mile and a screen pops up to say that the mile is done, but the cast remains on the same set throughout, a sort of stone floor with some curtains in the back. The weights stay on the whole time. I did not get bored and was not watching the clock. I felt great when the three miles were finished.

The music is instrumental. I recognized the Paul Revereís Ride song in mile 2, but the rest of it was generic instrumental stuff that I didnít pay much attention to.

Itís a bit of a shame about the glitches and the fuzzy picture quality. Perhaps this is not as slick as some of her more recent titles. But my view on Leslie workouts is the more the merrier, so I am happy to add this one to my collection. The upper body work keeps it interesting, and intense. This was forty minutes well spent for me.



I love this video for days when I just want to walk but I can tell my upper body needs some work. You cover three miles in 45 minutes, wearing weighted gloves the entire time, using your arms quite a bit.

Leslie is with six of her walk instructors including Jo and Linda. They change clothes after each mile, and still look perfectly put together after the third mile. No sweating at all.

Sandy (the shorter lady on the left) has extremely bad form during the overhead tricep dips, so don't follow her.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is very businesslike in this video. She does little interacting with the group until the cooldown, when she introduces them.