One Mile Super High Calorie Burn

Leslie Sansone

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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Of all Leslie's videos I've seen, this one is my least favorite. I kind of got the impression that she woke one morning and said, hey, let's make a video. The video is clear to watch, and her living room is quite attractive. The workout doesn't seem be to be put together quite mindfully though. She hasn't put the very basics steps into combos, she has trouble staying on the beat and there are gaps in the music (which, actually, is probably why she has trouble staying on the beat). After the warm up, she puts on 1# hand weights and uses them for the workout to add intensity. Her arm motions, for the most part, are slow and controlled but I don't see where a lot of the positions will result in much toning or strengthening of the muscles she seems to be trying to target because her body position is wrong. She uses 3 or 4 different, basic steps for this workout so it is almost impossible to screw up. And she is so encouraging that you won't care if you do. The workout is followed by some nutrition advice with her sister. I found this segment hard to hear, and thats complicated by Leslie constantly talking over her sister and laughing and giggling. The advice seems sound, but I didn't really pay much attention after a few minutes. There are some recipes at the end that seem reasonable. If you want a workout thats easy and very encouraging, this isn't a bad pick. I'm not sure if I'd bother with weights though. Despite what I dislike about this workout, it is a very easy, ideal starter workout for beginners.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is very chatty and encouraging. People always seem to describe her as bubbly, and I think that sounds perfect for her.