Jenny Craig Walk Your Way (The Brisk Walk)

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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This workout was part of a set Leslie did for Jenny Craig at some point. I have two of them, both surprise thrift store finds. The Brisk Walk is a two-mile walk which is followed by a short yoga section.

The walk is fairly standard Leslie stuff: traveling kickbacks are the most creative thing she does. I think this is probably one of her easier walks just because the arm work is fairly minimal compared to some of her other ones (the only arm move she does is the overhead raise while walking) but it's hard to rank intensity per se because most of Leslie's general walks are so similar. This routine will feel fairly familiar to those who have done other Leslie routines!

Following the walk, there is a short yoga section which was about 15 minutes long. It was very basic and had a standing section and floor section. In the standing section, there were side stretches and spinal twists based on the mountain pose. In the floor section, there were forward bends and side twists---like the standing section, but on the floor. I think Leslie excels at the walking moreso than the other stuff she's tried, but I enjoyed the little stretch program. It wouldn’t be at all challenging if you were even remotely flexible, but I am limited in that area and I found it do-able for me. Its brevity made it very useable for me as well. My only complaint was the lack of good back releases. There should have been a back stretch after all the spinal twists, and we didn't really get one except for the seated forward bend (which, in someone less flexible such as myself, is more a leg stretch than a back stretch). I cut Leslie some slack because I know she is not a yoga expert, but a little child's pose here and there would not have hurt.

This is a good cross-trainer with the other Jenny Craig workout I have, which has a 1.5 mile walk and a strength section. I think I will get a lot of use out of this workout for that reason and I am delighted I was able to add this rare Leslie to my collection so inexpensively. Three cheers for the random thrift store find.



This is a 30-minute workout (2 miles) with 15-minutes of stretching at the end.

Leslie leads a diverse group of walkers wearing black pants and bright shirts. This is not her "usual" group and she does not seem to interact with them easily. She really seems like a teacher in this video instead of the friend next door.

The set has a brown floor and "stained glass" windows. The music is familiar and very brisk, especially in the middle of the workout. There is a little ball graphic that floats out at the bottom of the screen to mark the mileage.

The "bonus" yoga segment is really a series of stretches inspired by yoga. Leslie does each pose anywhere from two to four times. Mountain pose, chair pose, warrior pose, etc. She takes a very long time explaining the poses and which muscles are being stretched.

All in all, this workout dragged on for me. With most of Leslie's tapes the time flies by. This one feels a big sluggish - maybe because she is not with her usual group and the fun factor isn't there.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie looks great in this video. Since it was designed for use with the Jenny Craig program, she does talk a little bit about nutrition and diet along with exercise.



I did not enjoy this workout as much as I do some of Leslie's other tapes. Her tapes are very basic to begin with and this one had even less variety than usual and Leslie would talk for LONG periods of time while the exercisers were stuck doing one particular movement. Also, the Yoga segment at the end was really more of an extremely basic stretch segment that I didn't feel was very beneficial. Leslie has made some tapes that are much better than this one.

Instructor Comments:
I like Leslie and the usual complaints of her chattiness have never bothered me, but I was very aware of her nonstop talking on this tape.