Heavy Hands

Leigh Crews
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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I'm always looking for good walking videos. (I read in a review where someone can't understand why people would want to walk in their house when they could go outside. I don't walk outside much due to the extreme terrain, often gale force winds and occasional rattlesnakes around my home. And this week it is too smoky to go outside due to nearby wildfires.)

I tried this the other day and am not sure what to write about it. The instructor is Leigh Crews, who has a grating voice. It is much more "Plus" than "Walk". Lots of arm and punching moves. I don't own Heavyhands, I used wrist weights. I wouldn't want to go very heavy or you might hurt your shoulders. I did feel my abs working, so this migh be considered a cardio/core workout.

The music is pretty good. Chaptering is minimal. One of the background exercisers, Robert, is familar from another workout I can't remember. He is fun to watch. Leigh's cueing is just OK.

Warm-Up: 3 minutes

Workout: 38 minutes

Cool Down: 5 minutes

Bottom Line: My knees hurt the next day, so this won't be a keeper.

HeavyHandswebsite: http://www.heavyhandsfitness.com/walkplus/

(They have a "YogaHands" DVD which I previed and it didn't look too inspiring...)

Instructor Comments:
Grating voice. Mediocre cueing.