Family Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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This is a 2 mile beginner walk

Warm Up
The Walk
Walking with Weights (part of the 2 miles)
Warm Down

The cast is made up of all the Leslie regulars, her friend Jennifer and her family, plus lots of kids.

This DVD is at a slower pace than some of the other 2 mile walks such as Walk Away the Pounds Express 2 miles. Of course as with all Leslie DVDs it is pretty easy to increase the intensity with arms etc.

I really enjoy this walk, Leslie comes across as very natural and the kids give you something entertaining to watch while you are exercising.

I have a chronic lower back injury, and whenever my back is aching, but I can still tolerate a little exercise, this is the DVD I use. The pace is slow enough for me to carefully think about how I am moving as I do it, Leslie constantly reminds you about safe posture, and only the basic moves are used. (EG no double knee lifts, no jogging etc.)

Instructor Comments:
Leslie seems very natural in this DVD. I love the focus on improving your health and safe posture.