Deluxe Walk Special Edition

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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FYI: I consider myself a beginner.

This is a review for the dvd which includes the 2 mi walk and the 4 mi weight loss walk. On the dvd cover, Leslie is in a maroon/purplish top, black pants with a maroon/purplish stripe and a white backround.
The 2 mi is in a sort of warehouse set and the 4 mi is in a living room set with a backround window showing a weather changing effect.

I like this dvd because it has a variety of moves--almost like a very basic aerobic tape instead of just marching in place. Leslie has steps moving around the room, step touches, grapevines, etc. Plus, it can be broken up into shorter mile segments or do the entire dvd for a total of 6 mi.
If you get only one Leslie Sansone tape, I would recommend this one for the variety of moves, the various backrounds, the choice of doing 1-6 mi.

Instructor Comments:
Leslie is very chatty and bubbly-but in my opinion not nearly as chatty as in the newer original WATP set.
I like how she reminds that we\'re not here to learn to dance, just to keep moving. Very motivating.