A Closer 2 Mile Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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I'm reviewing this workout after previewing it once and doing it twice. This 2 mile walk is set in Leslie's production studio. The infamous black curtain looms in the background. In the center there is a large banner in shades of turquoise & white featuring a photo of Leslie and some of her regular gang. There are three smaller banners off to the left, also in shades of turquoise & white, with motivational sayings on them. The walkers include Leslie, Carol who many will recognize from various other walks, Lucinda - from Walk Away Your Waistline, and two new to me walkers named Cheryl and Diane. Leslie is wearing a pale turquoise top, Cheryl wears a different style top in the same color, Diane wears a darker turquoise top, while Carol & Lucinda are dressed black & white. This is a faith walk and the song used for the warm up is a hymn with vocals. The second song also contained vocals, although I'm not sure that it was a hymn. The third and fourth songs were recycled generic workout music from other walks, the fifth song has vocals and then it returns to the opening hymn. I thought the music level was appropriate - not overbearing, but nicely featured and I enjoyed the different music. Leslie is happy, as always, but I wouldn't consider her downright giddy here like she is in some of her workouts - she never gets so chatty that she calls out one move and does another or stays doing endless reps of one thing forever. She talks a bit to the other ladies and they appear to be wearing microphones, but they keep their answers to one or two words. The warm up seemed a little slow and I thought perhaps the walk was going to be easy, but shortly after, Leslie kicks it up a notch or two. At one point she says she never promised a sissy walk. Leslie and crew are sweating profusely at the end and I was surprised to be sweating a little bit myself. There is no jogging and there are no gadgets to contend with. A few motivational/biblical phrases pop up on the screen. The 30 minutes went by fairly quickly and without dread, although I can't get the opening hymn out of my head now.



I enjoyed Leslie's new "A Closer Two Mile Walk." There are no jogging intervals and no boosters - just the two mile walk at her standard pace which is about 14 minutes or so per mile. The walk is about 30 minutes long, and Leslie features her standard steps. Carol (one of my favorites) was a backgrounder along with three other ladies that I did not recognize. At the end during the credits, there's a brief bio on each of the backgrounders and we learn that one lady is a moderator on Leslie's board, one lady lost 90 pounds, Carol lost 70 pounds, one lady is on Leslie's production team, etc. There were some gospel songs interspersed throughout the walk but I also heard plenty of generic tracks from her other walks as well. I liked that there were a few on screen Bible verses during the walk (e.g. I can do all things through Christ... and Walk by faith..., etc.). As with all of Leslie's walks, the moves are easy to modify to increase the intensity of the workout.

At the end, there was a clip of Leslie's Pastor (Father Bill?? - I forget his name) offering a prayer and blessing for Leslie's new studio. His speech and prayer was VERY uplifting to me and I felt very blessed by hearing it. I can definitely envision listening to it whenever I do the walk. This is a very nice touch, IMHO.

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