1 Mile Booster

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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i need to lose weight



Iím reviewing this workout after previewing it once and doing it once or twice.
N.B. This workout is also labeled Booster Mile.

General workout breakdown: This 16-min. walk moves at a moderate pace and includes the following steps: walking / marching in place, side steps, kicks, knee lifts, kickbacks (i.e. hamstring curls), and walking forward and backwards. There are a variety of arm movements, both holds and quick motions, incorporating the booster to boost the intensity of Leslieís basic moves and give you some upper body toning. As with all of Leslieís workouts, you do one move until Leslie says to switch, so thereís no choreography. The first song is at a slightly slower pace to serve as a warm-up. There isnít really a cool-down to speak of, nor are there stretches at the end.
The DVD also has Firm Up with Firm Bands (9 min.), where Leslie does the following exercises using the pink stretchy band: chest press, pull down, open up, biceps curl, bent over row, triceps kickbacks (2 varieties), seated rows, and leg press (single and double). Although you could certainly work along with this segment, itís more of a demonstration and instructional segment than workout.

Level: Iíd recommend this to beginner with some previous experience with Leslieís boosters through low, maybe mid-, intermediate exercisers.

Class: 6 women and 2 men join Leslie. The crew includes a nice variety of ages (teenager to senior) and sizes (thin to plus-sized).

Music: soft vocal and instrumental music.

Set: brightly lit interior courtyard-type space (the same one used for the Adv. 5-Mile Walk).

Production: crisp picture. The music is soft in relation to Leslieís voice.

Equipment: sneakers and your favorite booster: Leslieís belt with bands, hand weights (1-3 lbs.), weighted balls (1-3 lbs.), and pink stretchy band (which is just a light resistance band).

Space Requirements: If you can step to each side and kick in front of you, you have enough space. If you can take a step or two forward or backward as well, thatís even better.

DVD Notes: The main menu asks you to choose Full Workout, Firm Band Workout, or Credits. The walk is one chapter, the toning in another and the credits in a third.
My copy of this workout came on its own disc opposite a disc with 1-Mile Jog in the 1-Mile Workouts case.

Instructor Comments:
As always, Leslie is encouraging, chatty, and bubbly. She cues (more or less mirror cueing, although she often just points), she discusses how to use the boosters (including a little bit of plugging, fortunately only a little), and she urges you to get fit. She includes a good amount of form pointers and modifications and explains the purpose of exercises in the toning portion. I love that Leslie is focused on making exercise accessible and emphasizing how worthwhile it is.



I bought this as part of a set along with 1 Mile Jog. It's supposed to be a complete 30 min workout but only about 15 minutes is the actual 'walk' and the other is a short toning segment and talking. I only did the walk. In this one she's with a group of people and looks really crowded! She's using that abs belt and others have the balls, handweights, or stretchy band. one guy in the back looks like a biker dude and he doubles up on the belt for more resistance. I didn't find the pace all that fast; I guess since they're using the 'boosters' that gets their heartrates up. I've done this one twice; once with 3 lb handweights and again tonight without any boosters(none handy)and had to add more arm movements and double time some of the arm movements to get my heartrate where I wanted it to be.

I like how they all use different boosters and she's very chatty in this one but of course gets offstep several times. Time went by pretty fast and she says when you're 1/2 mile into it. I don't think you do more movement than a single sidestep for the first halfmile so I'm thinking Imay start out on my rebounder for the first half then go to the floor for the forward walks later on to change it up some.

I don't think this one is worth a lot in itself but along with the 1 mile jog it was a decent deal I guess.

Instructor Comments:
chatty as usual and gets off step but I like Leslie and expect this in her workouts! I like her enthusiasm though and the chatter helps pass the time for me.