Sexy Arms

Dave Sinclair
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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I stumbled upon this workout video one day at the library when i was starting a weight loss journey back in 2004.Since then I treasure it as one of my favorites and keep at least two copies of it.He does stretch before,during,and after each workout.He also shows you proper breathing and guides you throughout the video,also showing you what not to do.Dave also incorporates some asymetric streches that I Love at the end of the video.All in all I give this a 5 star review

Alma a.k.a Soul


'sexy arms' is done by the same trainer, dave sinclair, who does 'sexy & fit after 40'. i didnt give 'sexy & fit' a glowing review... that workout has a few issues and ended up with a mere overall 'ok' rating from me... but thankfully, i found 'sexy arms' to be better.

again, dave starts out with stretches as a warmup and while i normally object to that, i didnt mind last night because i was adding this workout onto another one and i was all warmed up.

with dave are 4 or 5 women who are in excellent shape and, as in 'sexy & fit', they perform the exercises with excellent form and

dave also gives quite a few more form and breathing pointers in this video, even demonstrating things that you should not do. he also counts all of the reps out loud so you know where you are at
and to ensure that both sides of the body are worked evenly.

so Dave starts with shoulders, doing 3 sets of 15 reps of 3 exercises -- overhead press, lateral raise and rear delt raise. then he moves onto
triceps, doing 1 or 2 sets of kickbacks and dips. next is biceps and he does 3 sets of 15 reps of 3 exercises -- regular curls, concentration curls, hammer curls. then an unweighted forearm exercise that involves clenching and unclenching your hands.
after that he does some isometric holds of the triceps and biceps.

so even though this workout just covers basic arm exercises, i was
still pleasantly surprised by this inexpensive workout.

however, i wanted to add on some of my own exercises for the back and chest and will certainly do that next time.

other issues that i had with
the workout were: wishing for a better warmup, dave cant cue to the exerciser's left and right, dave didnt suggest what weights to use and he used the same sized weights for all of the exercises (i changed my weights accordingly). also i dont recall any stretching at the end of the workout, although he does do a bit in between exercises and he also gives recovery time between some of the exercises as well which was positive. there was music but it wasnt memorable.

overall rating is an 'OK' (versus a little 'ok'

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Carolyn Visser