Quick Toning Upper Body of Steel

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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Total workout is 47 min
Tamilee is alone with no cast
Equipment: 8-10 # dumbbells, chair, bath towel
setting: in a room with Japanese shoji screens overlooking a Japanese garden and pond on a sunny day
music: soft jazz instrumentals (fast or slow depending on moves)
This workout (& QT Thighs of Steel)is only available on vhs and was not included on the DVD release of the 4 QT workouts. The QT series includes: Upper Body of Steel, Thighs of Steel, Abs & Arms of Steel, Lower Body of Steel, Abs of Steel, & Buns of Steel.

First Segment: Arms & Shoulders
Blue Top, Capri pants w/white belt
Short warm up (3 min)
8-10 pound dumbbells for 1st 2 segments

1) Lateral Posterior raises 3 min
2) Gorilla biceps 3 min
3) Side lying tricep presses (one-arm side-lying pushups), 2 sets each side 3 min

Stretch (2-3 min)

Second Segment: Chest & Back
Pink top & matching capri pants
Short warm up (3 min)
Chair (1st 2 segments)
Weights (for segments 2, 3 & 4

1) Hands in "prayer" position
a) Squeeze elbows together & lift hands while pressed together, sitting in a chair (no weights); 2 sets of 12; 3 min (this move is deceptively hard)
2) Sit in chair, reverse fly, sit up, rotate torso up, squeeze toward the back to work the trapezius; then work down wards (=1 rep); works delts also; 2 sets of 8; 3 min
3) Rotator cuffs (side lying on floor); hold one dumbbell and lift, hinging elbow at the waist; 2 sets of 8 on each side;
4) Sit on floor cross-legged; use weights to do seated Chest flyes (works delts) sitting in upright position

Stretch (2-3 min) sitting in and using chair

Third Segment: Abdominals
blue top and blue capris
Short warm up (3 min)
Equipment mat & bath towel

1) Towel crunch lie on towel and crunch upwards while holding upper corners of the towel; 16-20 reps
2) Obliques cross over and touch elbow to opposite knee while lifting knee
3) Crunch with hands behind head, lifting one knee

Stretch (2 min) Back work cobra going forward, right side, then left side; cat stretch, side stretch

this is a great workout because it's one of the few Tamilees that address chest and back work. These are very simple moves, and she executes very good form.

the workout does not look dated at all. Tamilee is alone in this video. i pull it out maybe once every couple of months only because i have tons of workouts to choose from. but if you're doing a Tamilee rotation, this would address the upper body in small bites - probably good enough to rotate with the other Quick Toning workouts that are on DVD and even I Want That Body DVD.

you could do it in pieces or do an entire 45 minute routine.

Director: Peggy Callahan

Instructor Comments:
Quick Toning Upper Body of Steel (1995): Very professional as usual. Good cueing and good form pointers.