Quick Fit: Chest & Back

Gilad Janklowicz
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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I like all of the tapes in this set, though I do some more than others. There are 3 aerobic tapes, each with a different focus. The 1st is classic cardio, the 2nd is cardio strike/kickboxing, and the 3rd is a combination of the two. Overall I like all of the tapes, but in the tapes with a lot of the striking, it gets to be too slow at times because the focus is on the upper body. But as a whole, the tapes are effective and give you the opportunity to switch from one focus to another.

There are 4 strength training videos--abs/ arms and shoulders/ legs, hips, and buttocks/ and chest and back. The tapes I do the most are the arms and shoulders, and the legs, hips, and buttocks. Both are very quick, effective, and to the point. I tend to have to use lighter than usual weights on the arms video, because he does a large amount of repetition, so you can really feel the burn. The legs video is quick and effective as well, but does not involve much activity with weights--it focuses more on lunges and squats.

Overall, these tapes have added more variety to my workouts, and I really enjoy them.

Instructor Comments:
Gilad is very effective in these videos. He is motivating, has good cueing, and good form. For those like myself that like Gilad's videos, you shouldn't be disappointed.



This is a review of the production quality of the strength tapes only-I traded/sold the cardio tapes without doing them since his cardio is not my style. I placed the strength tapes on the exchange after doing them once. The camera man moves around all over the place and at many times tilts the lens so the ocean horizon is at an angle. It made my stomach queasy. Once there is a shot of Gilad at floor level where he stretches his arm out toward the lens and his arm looks 3 feet long! These seems like small quirks even as I type them, but I have a lot of videos, including Cathe's on DVD where I can get short "parts" workouts without being distracted or dizzy by the camera zooming all over the place. LeslieM

Leslie McGuire


Gilad has packed so much into these short tapes, it's incredible. This one is 15 minutes, but even though it's so short, you have no doubt that you've worked when you're done. He also includes a lot of unique exercises, not just in this tape, but in the whole series. I hesitated to buy these because they were so short, but decided to do so anyway -- after all, who can resist Gilad :) -- and I definitely feel like I got my money's worth. I highly recommend them to anyone. Grade A.

Annie S.