P90X+: Upper Body Plus

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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I love this workout! It is one of the few upper body only workouts that I own. I have so many great lower body workouts, but very few that focus only on upper (not counting all my splits from P90X or Cathe.)

It has 4 rounds that hit each muscle area (chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps.) So, yes, there is some isolation work in here, but many of the moves mostly try to incorporate your core and sometimes lower body also. The chest and back work is all push up and pull-up variations. You can see from the list Dawn provided that the exercises are all have their little "Tony twists" to make them unique.

This is a tough workout. There is very little rest or time between exercises. That makes is very time efficient, but hard! It is more of an endurance workout that P90X. You do moves for a specified time, not a # of reps, and sometimes you could end up doing 30 reps of a move.

I can't see myself ever getting rid of this workout, because it is so unique, plus fun for me. The fact that it is only 40 minutes is another big plus. If you take out the warm-up and cool-down it is close to 30 minutes, making it easy to fit in when time is tight.

Lisa C


Another great workout. You go pretty quickly from move to move so you get a lot done in just 40-45 minutes.

Warm up - 5:14
Double Dip Will Do Ya - 1:28 (using two chairs, you do two push ups, swing through and do two tricep dips, swing legs back and do push ups, etc....)
Dead Leg Switch pull up - 1:03
Two direction circle flys - 1:03 (light dumbbells for arm circles)
Lunge curls - :33
Hammer kickback :29
Water break - :30
Frog Push up - 1:00
L Chin up - :37
Fly Blast / "The Blaster" - :29 (shoulder move)
Lean back curls - 1:02 (biceps)
One legged bridge dip - 1:00 (triceps)
Water break - :30
Spiderman Push up - 1:05
7 point pull up - 1:09
Warrior Swim - :30
Pumper Curl - 1:02
Side Hammer kick - :30
Iso climber push up - 1:00
Clear to Negative - :46 (Pull ups)
The Shoulder Everything - 1:30
The Bicep Everything - 1:35
Combat Push up - 1:34
Cooldown - 3:25

Instructor Comments:
Tony is a great instructor. He jokes around but not over the top in these workouts. The background exercisers are Tracy M. who is a December 2004 Success Story and Mark Briggs who is a 2003 Success Story who won a trip to Hawaii.

Dawn Henson