P90X Series: Shoulders and Arms

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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This is my favorite of the P90X's so far! Tough, effective and thankfully no darn pull ups!



This is a 60 min strength only workout led by Tony in a kinda dark gym set w/ 3 background exercisers. You will need a chair (or hi step), and dumbbells or tubing for this workout. Tony offers variations and modifications for many of the exercises. There is a timer on the screen for the workout duration and exercise duration.

The workout is structured into five rounds of three exercises and a rest. You perform each round twice. Each round has one shoulder exercise, one bicep, and one tricep, followed by a 35 second rest- where you can jog, stretch, etc. Tony encourages everyone to write down how many reps and their poundage for each exercise. You decide how many reps you want to do (8-10, 12-15, etc) and then complete them in the time given.

Exercises include: alternating shoulder press, in & out bi curls, tricep kickback, deep swimmers press, concentration curl, chair dips, upright row, static arm curl, tri kickbacks w/ a twist, seated delt fly, crouching cohen curl, lying tricep extension, straight arm shoulder raise, gongdon curl, & 1 arm side tricep pushups. A warmup (including a long stretch) and a cooldown/ stretch are included.

I rate this an advanced strength workout. If you use heavy poundage you will thoroughly work the targeted muscles. I like using the 30 second rests to jog or hi knee run to get the heart rate up a bit. The pace is pretty good- not rushed at all. Tony is very chatty but I did not find him annoying. He does a good job of providing unique twists on tried & true exercises and offering plenty of modifications & tips.



This is an amazingly wonderful dvd. You can go for strength or endurance. Like other P90X workouts, it's your own workout, you taylor it as you like.

Everyone does their own thing, the background exercisers have fun together - often trying to out-rep each other when calling out their goal.

It's rounds of shoulder, bi, tri, and you repeat each round twice before a small break.

I think it was 4 rounds , might be 5. It's TOUGH, and fun.

Ab ripper X is on this dvd as well. KILLER ab workout.


Instructor Comments:
Tony is tony.

Silly, competitive, tries to be cool, and spends a lot of time admiring Dreya's perfect form.

LOL -not implying anything untoward here... just amused at how he always picks her. At one point he starts saying 'Va-Va-va-voom-dee-day' at something she was doing, and even she cracked a smile.



This is a solid strength workout in which you are to choose either a heavier weight that will help build mass by completing 8-10 reps, or a lighter one for developing definition with 12-15 reps. You are given plenty of time to complete each exercise.

Here is a list of them:
15 exercises, repeat in sequences of three( shoulders, bis, tris) Do exercises 1,2,3 and then repeat then go on to 4,5,6 .......

1) Alternating Shoulder Press
2) In and Out Bicep Curls
3) Two Arm Tricep Kickback
(repeat 1,2,3)
4) Deep Swimmer's Press
5) Full Supination Concentration Curl
6) Chair Dip
(repeat 4,5,6)
7) Upright Row
8) Static Arm Curl
9) Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kickback
(repeat 7,8,9)
10) Seated Two Angle Shoulder Fly
11) Crouching Cohen Curl (I use the wall)
12) Lying Down Tricep Extension
(repeat 10,11,12)
13) In and Out Straight Arm Shoulder Fly
14) Congdon Curl
15) Side Tri Rise one of my favorites)
(repeat 13,14,15)

Another winner in the P90X series.

Grade A

Instructor Comments:
It's Tony. He's goofy, competitive, funny, can be irritating, but I like him.:)
You can de-Tony with a cues-only option.

Janet Frost