P90X Series: Chest Shoulders Triceps

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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Tony leads this 43 min workout w/ 3 backgrounders in a gym set. You will need dumbbells and optional pushup handles, & a chair. There is a countdown timer for the workout & each exercise duration.

After a warmup & long stretch, exercises include: tons of pushup variations, side & front shoulder raise, chair dips, pike press, side tricep pushups, disc (plate or rag) shifting pushups, scarecrow wipers, overhead tri extenstion, Y press, seated tri extentions, 1 arm pushups, arm circles, weighted football throws, pushup to side plank, fly- row- press, lying cross over punches, etc. Guaranteed to burn out your muscles!

I rate this advanced because of the amount of pushups. Kind of redundant and just too many pushups for me to actually enjoy this workout. If you arent a fan of pushups this is not the workout for you, alternately if you love pushups- youll love this workout. Tony is chatty but not annoying to me- I like him, he keeps it fun and keeps the workout moving along.



Wow! What a workout. This is one of the toughest workouts i've ever done. It is a superb shoulder workout. Towards the end my shoulders were really shaking while doing the pushups. I couldnt even do some of the pushups but i think thats good because i like a workout that i can build up to so that i always have a challenge. I also found it inspiring to workout with such superb atheletes. I really admire the strenght of these athletes, especially the woman.
Here is the breakdown of the workout:
Slow motion pushups
In and out shoulder fly
Chair dips
Plange pushups
Pike Pushups
Side Triceps Rise
Floor Flys (side moving pushups)
Overhead tricpes extensions
Two speed Pushups (you do 4 fast pushups then 3 slow motion pushups)
Y Shoulder Press
Lying Triceps Extension
Side to Side Pushup
Pour Flys for Shoulders
Tricep Extensions
One arm pushups
Weighted Shoulder circles
Throw the Bomb
Plyo or Clap Pushups
Slow mo throw
Tricep Extension
One arm balance pushups (do a pushups then rotate so that one of your palms faces the ceiling)
Fly row press
Dumbell cross body blows

After the cool down is the Ab Ripper X workout.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is a little annoying but i guess i have been spoiled by Cathe and Coach Troy. Although he isnt the best instructor, this workout is one of my favorites and i'm usually working too hard to be bothered by him.

Danielle Derry