Just Bra-Roll-Boobs

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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I had higher expectations for this workout. It is mostly back work and 3 of the chest exercises are done standing which works the shoulders more. One of the standing exercises is more of a rhomboid pinch. I ended up switching to an incline bench and doing incline press and fly instead for the other 2.

Another thing that is different about this workout is that it is structured more like her Non-stop workouts where you do all the exercises in a row then move to the next weight and do them all over again. Her Just Arms is set up differently that you do just 1 exercise for tricep, bicep, and shoulders each, and do all the 5 sets of reps until completed, then you move on the next exercise.

I would have preferred only switching exercises when all the reps were completed, as in Just Arms. In Just Bra Roll Boobs I couldn't concentrate on how well I was working out to each exercise as I could in Just Arms.

She did go at a slower pace than some of her other workouts, but I don't see myself making progress with this workout compared to the chest & back work in Fast Forward Cycle 1. FF has a decline fly and press, too. JBRB didn't, which I was sorry to not find since it is her only chest & back workout.

I may keep this to use with Just Arms or Cory Everson's Get Hard Arms & Shoulders, but most likely I may end up doing chest & back on my own.

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This is a great one from Joyce with a slower lifting speed (Marthe counts). You have time to change weights between exercises.

Length: 25 min.

You super duper giant set for chest/back using the full pyramid system 12/10/8/10/12 reps. If youíre time crunched, stop after 3 rounds (so you pyramid up only).

1)Seated circular brall roll and boob lifter(this exercise is similiar to what Marthe does in Bone builder instead of side delt lifts)
2)Standing bent lateral
3)STanding back lateral(similiar to Firm rhomboid pinch)
4)Seated bent lateral
5)Chest fly
6)Chest press
7)cross bench pull overs
8)seated bent lateral
9)double arm reverse row
10)1 arm row

This is just 1 giant set of 10 exercises. You repeat this 4 more times using the true pyramid system!

I think Iíll sub exercise 5 with pushups. That way Iíll get in 52 pushups during the course of the workout, and my shoulders donít like chest flyes anyway.

Rotation tip:
One could alternate full versions and time crunched versions of the Just Joyce titles, thus maintaining a two-day split and shorter workout time, but still reaping the benefits of doing the full pyramid this way:

Day 1: Just Arms (full) + Just Bra-Roll (time crunch)
Day 2: Just Thighs (full) + Just Butt (time chrunch)

the next two days are REVERSE:

Day 3: Just Arms (time crunch) + Just Bra-Roll (full)
Day 4: Just Thighs (time crunch) + Just Butt (full)

Day 5: See Day 1
Day 6: See Day 2

The next week you would start out working the lower body instead of upper body, keeping upper and lower body in balance.

So you alternate full and time crunch versions of the titles, thus maintaining a two-day split and shorter workout time, but still reaping the benefits of doing the full pyramid.

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