I Want Those Arms

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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This is a simple arm workout broken up in two sections. One is her standing and the second she is seated. This is an excellent arm workout. My arms were fatigued after doing this video today. I had this video sitting on my shelf for a long time and I am glad I pulled it out and tried it. I only wish I had done it sooner. She works the shoulders, biceps, triceps and traps. She goes from one set right to another with almost no rest time in between. I think that's why my arms were mush afterwards. She does three sets and they are very effective. I did both sections today or at least tried to. LOL The second section is more difficult and I felt it. She cued well and I like how she talked about not being afraid of going heavier with weights and I especially loved her saying how the various exercises rated in the lab when she was testing them. That made me feel like I was doing my arms and myself a big favor by doing the video and that she is committed to really helping the viewers acheive nice sculpted arms. I will be doing this video again this week (per Tami's suggestions) because it really is a solid and no nonsense arm workout. I am very happy I have this video and I really like it. It has no dread factor at all. I highly recommend this video.

Instructor Comments:
Tami has a very soothing voice. She looks good in this workout. She is really starting to grow on me. I will be looking to purchase more of her videos.



A little about me - I am a high intermediate exerciser who has done everything from Leslie Sansone to Cathe's Boot Camp.

This video works your arms and shoulders. There is no back or chest work.

The video is divided into two segments. Workout 1 is done standing with three sets of each exercise. Workout 2 is done seated with two sets of each exercise - except for triceps dips which are done three times.

Each workout is approximately 15 minutes long with its own warm up and cool down. Tamilee says that Workout 2 is more difficult but I think that if you use the proper weight, Workout 1 is just as difficult.

The exercises range from shoulder presses to bicep curls, the usual fare. One unique exercise is found in Workout 2 - a lying side triceps pushup. You will really feel this one.

This is a great tape to use for add-ons after a cardio workout.

Instructor Comments:
She is relaxed in this video. No harsh makeup or heavily sprayed hair like in the Buns of Steel videos. Her instruction is good - some of her comments seem a little off track, like she lost her train of thought.



This is a good, quick workout for the biceps, triceps and shoulders. It contains 2 parts, each about 15 minutes long. You can do only one part or both. I did both and felt that my shoulders and arms were worked well. This video is good for all levels, since all the exercises are basic and you can adjust the weights accordingly. It is geared more toward using lighter weights (Tamilee uses 5 pound dumbbells), and the reps move pretty quickly; the tape is therefore not appropriate for someone wanting to do heavy and slow. My one gripe is that Tamilee uses the same weight for all the exercises. She doubles up the dumbbells for some exercises, but I switched weights throughout the workout. There wasn't enough time to switch, so I had to stop the tape a few times.

This tape is similar to Cory Everson's Get Hard Arms and Shoulders, except that in I Want Those Arms, Tamilee does one set for each body part, and moves onto the next body part, and then repeats the routine for a total of 3 sets per exercise (unlike Cory, who does all the exercises for one body part together, and then moves onto the next body part). I would say that Tamilee's routine is easier than Cory's. The advantage of Tamilee's tape over Cory's is that you don't have the cheese factor or Cory's silly comments. Tamilee has a nice, pleasant voice and demeanor.

What I also like about this tape is that Tamilee talks about the laboratory testing that she did where they scientifically determined which exercises recruited the most muscle fibers and were the most effective. It made me feel that she is serious about presenting a workout that is going to give the best results. I give this tape an A.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee is an experienced pro, and it shows. She knows how to teach, how to explain why the exercises work, and how to give good form pointers. She obviously practices what she preaches, and has maintained her excellent condition for years.



This video is broken down into 2 segments and of course the second one being a little more challenging than the first. I really like this video and I really feel the burn. I like the first segment better though because the second one is kinda hard for a beginner like me. I also like the music too. It's upbeat and goes well with the exercises she shows you (not that that's important of course).

Instructor Comments:
I really like Tamilee. This is the first tape of hers that I used. She has a great body and her voice is kinda soothing.

Elaine Liu


I tried "I Want Those Abs" and thought it was a great video so I decided to get "I Want Those Arms". It is structured like the rest in this series which is two 15 minute workouts, the first being the easiest with the other being harder. I actually felt the first workout the most the day after I did it. You really fatigue the triceps on this one. She goes through several exercises and then does another set. So basically you are doing two sets of every exercise. Because I have been working out for years, in the future I will probably do both workouts together to get a good arm workout. I like having the option of doing just one because I do not want to use all my free time working out, I have other hobbies (so if you do too its a good video) I have used Cathe's Pure Strength and Cory's Get Hard videos but I got tired of them pretty quickly. Especially all the equipment you needed for Cathe's even if it shaped my arms better than any other video.

I do wish this workout used 2 sets of weights instead of one. I need a heavier weight for my shoulders and biceps than in my triceps. There are some exercises where she has you used both weights though. I can probably modify that on my own. All in all this video is a keeper. One reason is that it is a good strength workout without consuming to much of my time and the other is that I really like Tamilee.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Tamilee. I have used several of her Quick Toning Series of tapes and I like her method of instruction. She gives helpful hints without being overly chatty or hyper.



This tape has two 15-minute upper body workouts. Firstly, a caveat: when she says "arms" she pretty much means arms only: chest and back are not really worked in this routine. The exercises she chooses emphasize biceps and shoulders, with a bit of triceps work thrown in as well. You do one set of 12 for each exercise, one right after the other, then take it from the top and do another set. Finally, there is a third set with fewer reps. This format is the same for both routines.

The first routine is done standing up. It begins with some side shoulder raises, then goes into biceps curls, upright row (which she classifies as a shoulder exercise), and some triceps work. In the first two sets, she performs some of the moves at half-tempo.

The second routine is performed seated, except for a brief push-up interlude. There are some standard moves like concentration curls, as well as some more usual ones like a combination reverse curl and lateral raise. She also includes triceps dips, and a complicated triceps pushup that could be awkward for the less coordinated among us. I substituted a regular push-up here because I found her arm position confusing.

Tamilee is one of the most gentle instructors there is. She frequently tells you not to be afraid of heavier weights and to push yourself, but qualifies that if your form suffers, or if you can't complete the set, you should lower the weight. I really enjoyed her pleasant attitude and soft tone, but she had this one annoyance of asking questions, then pausing for an answer. For example, she'll say something like "what happens if you want a greater challenge?" then pause and reply "that's right, you increase the weight." I could see this getting tiresome after several viewings, or else promoting giggles.

The three set format she uses is wonderful because you always know what's coming, and you can pyramid the weights if you want to. However, she does not count out loud during the sets, which might have been helpful. Overall, however, my quibbles with this tape are minor. I feel I got a decent workout, in a decent amount of time---and Tamilee made that time fly by. Definitely a tape one can grow with!