iSculpt Traditional Circuit, Set 14

Grace Lazenby
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts
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iSculpt 14 (62 minutes)

Standing work (23:01) ♥♥
▪ Small plié feet parallel in relevé, pressing down / Tap knees together / Pelvic tuck / Pelvic tuck and tap knees (3:30)
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Small plié 1st position in low relevé, pressing down / Pelvic tuck / Plié and tuck / Full range plié in high relevé (3:00)
▪ Curtsey lunge / Crescent pose (6:00)
▪ Medicine ball swing in 2nd position plié / 2nd position plié with medicine ball chest press
▪ Small triceps press
▪ Double posterior deltoid lift

Core work (19:10) ♥
▪ Small chest press / Small arm circles (3:45)
▪ Bicycle with the body bar / Rowing with hand towel [Repeat] (5:00)
▪ Isolation (4:00)
▪ Oblique sweep / Oblique leg lift (4:40)

Floor work (15:40) ♥♥♥
▪ Hip extension on all four with a weight behind the knee / With leg extended: flex in and point out / Open leg 15 degrees and flex foot: small pulses up (5:00 on each side)
▪ Seated attitude: Press up / Press in / Press up and in (5:00)

Stretch (4:22) ♥♥
▪ Seated forward bend, shifting hips back and forth (2:00)
▪ Double pigeon

▪ The standing work is all lower body up to 13:45 minutes. Strong standing work for the lower body but the upper body work seems disjointed and random.
▪ I don’t care for the core segment. It is very repetitive and the oblique sweeps are performed way too fast.
▪ Great floor work that really gets into the glutes, hamstrings and the point where they meet.

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