Bodyshaping by ESPN - Arms, Chest and Shoulders

Year Released: 1995

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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I agree with MaryAnn & Donna's reviews. The tempo of this tape is toooo FAST. Too bad because it has such potential to be a good tape. Maybe this was one of the ESPN BodyShaping shows so they had to fit the workout in 30 minutes including commercials (which thankfully is not included in the w.o.) I still do the tape but for the chest, I have to go really slow & do my own counts. They perform supersets of bench presses & push-ups. Then supersets of flys & push-ups with hands in a diamond position (tough!!). The shoulder work is good but again too fast. But I can actually follow the tempo with the shoulder work. But I have to use lighter than usual weights. I really feel the burn because we do giant sets. For shoulders, I always feel the work more when a tape has supersets (like Cory's) or this tape's giant sets. I don't feel it as much with the Firm since they put other stuff in between so it gives my shoulders a rest.

Finally Laurie slows the tempo for bicep & tricep work. Again, we do super-sets. In one of the super-sets, we do triceps kickbacks with three different arm/hand positions. The positions are: palms facing forward, towards your body, & facing back. The triceps super-sets with bicep work. I haven't done the tape in a while so I can't think of the exact sequence. But I know there are tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, one arm french presses (like the Firm), hammer curls, one arm & two arm concentration curls.

Instructor Comments:
Likeable instructors. Rick sometimes moves too much when he's lifting weights. I think he needs to use lighter weights or slow the tempo down. Laurie tries to slow down the tempo.

Helen Stephens


I should have ready the only existing review of this video. The other reviewer was absolutely correct - too fast, too much. I think form is sacraficed to speed. I personally was disappointed in the quality of the movements. I feel if they had expanded the tape to 45 minutes and slowed waaaaaay down, this had the potential to be a good workout. Too much, too fast, too short in duration.

Instructor Comments:
I like Laurie Donnelly and Rick Valente. I like the fitness show "BodyShaping" so I assumed the instruction in this video would be as careful as the shows normally are. Rick seems to be pushing to get as many exercises as he can into one video and I think concentration on form is sacrificed. Laurie, on the other hand, seems to spend the 30 minutes trying to slow down the movements!



After months of listening to Cory say "you are going to have the most beautiful arms on the beach," and not caring for Rachel's upper body, and slowly getting tired of Kathy Kaehler's background instruction in Perfectly Fit Arms, I was dying for a new upper body tape. In my desperation, I ordered this tape and was very disappointed. The movements go too fast and the instructors are sloppy. The tape quality was no good at all - was recorded in SLP mode and adjusting the tracking didn't help. The routine is 20 minutes of shoulder, chest, biceps, triceps, and four sets of 15 pushups (that go so fast you cannot complete them in time). I have the Bodyshaping Abs tape and that is much better than this tape.

maryann parker