iSculpt Traditional Circuit, Set 12

Mimi Saraiva
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts
- Audio Workout

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This is a 45 minute bootcamp workout using traditional bodyweight exercises for muscle toning and cardio.
This would make a great travel workout - minimum space is required and NO equipment is needed.

I did this workout today for the first time and really enjoyed it. I consider myself an intermediate exerciser, having exercised regularly 4-6x/week for the past 2 years, but... for many of the exercises I had to stop early.

The exercises are supersetted - that is, two exercises done back to back for 1 minute each, rest and repeat the set, rest and move on to the next superset.

1)Squats & Jumping Jacks
2) Pushups & Mountain Climbers
3) Squat Thrusts & Wall Sit
4) Alternating Backward Lunges & Chair Dips
5) Side to Side Jumps & One-Legged Balance (balance on one leg then bend forward, lightly touch an object on the floor in front of you then stand back up - 30secs per leg)
6) Plank; Reverse Crunch & Toe Touches (this tri-set is repeated 3x)
7) Stretch

There is no real warmup, she just starts straight in with the squats and jumping jacks, so I did my own 5 minute warmup.
I thought the tri-set at the end was overkill, next time I'll substitute in side planks, bicycle crunches and supermans for one set.

The workout comes in 3 files as follows:
12a - 22mins
12b - 19mins (this starts from the Side to Side Jumps)
12c - 5mins (the stretch)
There is also a detailed 6 page pdf file with pics and instructions for all the exercises ... I thought she took waaaay too much time between sets explaining the exercises when all she had to say was "refer to the pdf file." No problem, I kept my heartrate up by marching in place.

The music was techno, dance music with some hip-hop and vocals.

I liked this workout because it's so different than what I normally do. None of my workout dvds have squat thrusts in them, so those really kicked my butt! I look forward to doing this workout once or twice a week throughout the summer to see how much I can improve.

Instructor Comments:
She gives good form pointers/reminders throughout the workout and knows exactly when to make comments like "I know it burns, fight through it".