Treadmill Conditioning: Results Only

Bobby Kelly
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs

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A must have workout for treadmill owners. This workout has a real "in your face" style with Bobby. I've done this workout 4x now and my strength, speed and endurance have grown ALOT. It's part of my current rotation (1x) per week. I LOL at some of the things Bobby Kelly says during the workout and don't find him annoying at all. I just got a surround sound system so I crank it up and feel like I'm there working out with my own personal trainer. As I walk/run, his comments and reminders about form, pace, breathing always find me fnding an area that I'm neglecting and it makes a big difference. I focus on the breathing and my heart rate decreases. I've been monitoring my heart rate using a monitor and I now can work at higher levels with a decreased heartrate.

Other comments. I would really recommend this for anyone using a treadmill regardless if you are a walker, a mix mode walk/run, or whatever. It's a lot of fun and a great change of pace.

We need more workouts (not just treadmill) from Bobby!

Instructor Comments:
Very likeable, motivating and knowledgeable. Overall, an excellent instructor.



This video is different from any other video. It is the only video that I have seen that you watch while doing a treadmill workout. I have been an avid treadmill walker/runner for years. I usually use my own music and create my own treadmill workouts or else I use a Firm or Kathy Smith audio cassette, but I thought it would be a nice change to use a video.

The format of this tape is as follows: Bobby Kelly's class consists of 4 people, 3 women and one man, all of whom are at different fitness levels. One woman is a beginner and does more walking and longer rests, one woman is a fitness walker, one woman is a walker/runner and the man is an advanced runner. Bobby tells you to gauge yourself according to your own fitness level, and you can watch whichever person in the class is closest to your own level. The actual workout on the treadmill is 38 minutes long. There is a nice stretch on the treadmill afterwards. The workout starts out with a slow walking warm-up (about 4 minutes) and Bobby talks about form, arms and strides. Then you go into a slow jog or fast walk for several minutes. This is followed by increasing the incline on the treadmill, or hill-walking. You do two of these types of hills (up and then down). Then you start the sprints, where you jog, then sprint, then jog. He does a couple of these sprints. Then you do a fast-walk up a steep hill. I really felt myself working on those sprints---he pushes you to give 100%, and going up the steep hill afterwards was tough. At the end of the workout, I ended up covering more distance than I expected to, especially since part of the workout is done at a walking and jogging pace. This workout is good because it shows how you can vary your treadmill workout and make it into an effective interval training conditioning workout.

Since a lot of the video is Bobby talking and giving instructional tips, it might get annoying to keep hearing it over and over. I haven't done the tape enough to know. I will use the tape occasionally to vary my treadmill routine. I am not accustomed to watching the TV while I am on the treadmill, and I prefer listening to music or to one of my Firm audio cassettes. I couldn't hear the music on this tape very well, mainly because Bobby's voice is louder than the music and he talks continuously.

Still, overall I would recommend this tape. It is appropriate for any level of fitness, since you would just adjust your speed and incline accordingly.

Instructor Comments:
Bobby Kelly's personality is motivational and obnoxious combined. His voice is annoying, and he talks non-stop, but he also gets you to push yourself. He seems to be knowledgeable. One thing I noticed is that he explains how to straddle the treadmill when you want to stop or dismount, but he himself keeps on sliding off the back of the treadmill to come off it; while it was amusing to watch him do it, I would hate to see people attempting this move, since they could get injured.