IFit: Treadmill-Red Rock

Year Released: 2001

Categories: Treadmill/Elliptical/Running/Stairs

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This is a great beginner/intermediate treadmill workout. There are three people using treadmills. However, sometimes they show the landscape areas of Southern Utah's Red Rock area. So you get really beautiful scenery plus little tidbits about the Red Rock area during the workout. The music is motivating too. It's inexpensive since the video is only $9.99 at ifit.com . The workout was designed so that you're pretending that you are walking through the Red Rock region. So there's a lot of fast walking on hills. The maximum speed of the workout is 6 mph. The maximum incline is 8%. However, when you run 6 mph, your incline is 1.5%. So you don't do speed and hills at the same time. By the end of the workout, you will walk/jog around 2.24 miles.

Like the Treadmoves workouts, you do use light weights to do some upper body toning work. The workout is around 35-40 minutes. The cardio portion (which is the part that doesn't include the w/u, cd, or stretch) is 30 minutes. If you have an IFit Compatible treadmill, you can hook it up so that the workout will automatically set your speed and incline for you. But you can use the workout even if you don't since the bottom of the screen will let you know what speed and incline you should use.

Instructor Comments:
Gives encouraging remarks during the workout. But I know that it's scripted since I have an IFit workout with a different instructor. They say some of the same comments.

Helen Stephens