Tai Chi Training

Scott Cole
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Tai Chi / Qigong

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Scott's first Tai Chi video and do it occasionally when I want a light workout day. He is warm and funny, just as he is in Millenium Stretch, and seems to have a good rapport with his background exercisers. His silly sense of humor really seems to tickle my funny bone, although some people might find him corny. Really his is the only Tai Chi tape that has not bored me to tears. I guess I will probably have to take a class some time to really "get" Tai Chi, but I think this tape is the closest I've come so far. I even think I've almost felt the chi energy between my hands in some parts, interesting!

For the gritty details, it's filmed on the same set as several other CIA videos and Cathe's MIS (I think). It's has quiet new agey style music playing in the background, which to me seems perfect for Tai Chi. He does about 25 minutes of "slow" practice and about 25 of faster that gets you moving a little more. In the fast section he teaches a move and then works it into a sequence. He tells you what kind of martial arts move it is, like a take down or a block, and that seems to make sense to my learning style. Much of the time you are shifting your weight back and forth in a traditional horse stance (which is sort of like a squat), so you can make this more intense by really working your stance and weight shift. I've worked up a light sweat doing the fast section and felt like I worked my thighs. I'd give this tape an A!