Tai Chi for Relaxation and Better Health

Brett Wagland, Fontaine Ip
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Tai Chi / Qigong

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I bought this video a long time ago now as I wanted an introduction to Tai Chi (as I was considering doing lessons locally).

It is a very simple and basic video. The setting isn't spectacular and if you aren't used to Tai Chi attire: Brett and Fontaine look like they are doing it in their PJs.

Unlike normal exercise: loose clothing is recommended for ease of movement. You will not "work up a sweat" with this video.

Tai Chi, as presented in this video, is at a beginner level and done well enough so anyone can do the "form".

Tai Chi is great for join strength more than muscle strength, it increases your suppleness in these oft-neglected areas, helps you with your stance and how you "hold" yourself.

I started off with this video as a primer before going to local classes. This is what I recommend: use it as a primer as you will receive the REAL benefit of Tai Chi through going to an actual class.

Instructor Comments:
From their website: http://www.taichiacademy.com.au/
"Chief Instructor Brett Wagland, who is the director of the Academy and Fontane Ip, assistant director, are both disciples of Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan, the 5th generation ambassador of the Yang Style." I havn't met these two personally but they are "known" within the Tai Chi community.